ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #31



Play is an all too often neglected discipline in life.




While the ski hill trail signage of blue and black may lead to a great adrenaline rush, a return to the ease of a green run will remind you just how far you have come.


Extended commentary:

Most live a “goal” and “plan” orientated life.  Our attention is focused for the most part, “out there”; the complex intentions, dreams and desires we have for our life are also very often based on the seductions of an external world and life.  There is nothing inherently wrong with those seductions, as long as we do not lose ourselves to the infinite expressions that manifest “out there”; as long as our adventure also includes the journey of discovering Who We Are.


The experience of play allows us the dispassionate opportunity to enjoy life as it is, without expectation.  When we introduce the element of play into our experience, we have the opportunity to allow spontaneity and unrestrained freedom to express itself within the moment. 



 The degree to which we have become “too serious” in life, reflects the degree to which we have forgotten how to play in life.  When we lose touch with our ability to play; the ability to do something ~ anything, without a particular attachment to outcome, we open ourselves to becoming overwhelmed by our limited, perceived understanding within the circumstance of our life experience.  A moment of innocent play is the naked, direct, experience of unbridled, unedited, joy; a chance to experience the moment as it is, without projection of any kind…     




How can you play more often in your life?





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