Emotional Wellness…


 The dimension of our emotions are a complex, intricate aspect of our psyche.  The degree of Emotional Wellness is relative to our ability of being aware of, and able to respond or navigate in healthy ways, the vast spectrum of emotions that occur to us on a daily bases. 


One thing is very clear when it comes down to the foundation of emotional wellness; we need to recognize that it is we who are responsible for what and how we are feeling.  If I am in love, while there may appear to be another human being that I am in love with, I must recognize that the feelings I have of being in love, are my feelings.  It would not be unrealistic to say that we are never in love with another person, but in fact, in love with our feelings of being in love!  Likewise, if I am angry, they are my feelings of anger, even though it may be the asshole ahead of me, who just cut me off!


The first, and most difficult aspect of cultivating emotional wellness within our psyche is understanding the need to take 100% responsibility for our own feelings ~ the feelings we are having or not having.  The practice of taking 100% responsibility for what we are feeling while challenging, provides a level of freedom and understanding that ripples out to all levels of our being, it is the turning point of being the innocent victim in life, always determined by something “out their”; to becoming Self referral as we become ever more informed by our true nature.  When embraced as a way of being, our emotions can begin to inform us to the deeper needs and colour of our humanity; they allow us to tap into the very life throb of divinity within us.


While easily said, the process of embracing ones emotions can often face internal resistance, especially if we have been conditioned to judge, evaluate or dichotomize the spectrum of feelings that occur.  We celebrate joy, while avoiding sadness; we condone compassion, while we demonize anger; until the full spectrum of our emotions are embraced with an attitude of allowing, we will not realize emotional wellness within our being. 


Acceptance is a huge breakthrough in the evolution of emotional wellness, while we may not know what or how to deal with our emotions the element of acceptance often creates the space for the impulse of emotion to surge through our nervous system to completion, without triggering physiological side affects; without the need to psycho analyze their content.


At the subtlest level of our being, all emotions are equivalent; it is only the mind that places significance of one over another ~ that decrees some with the judgment of sin and others with a blessing of virtue.  The spiritualization or demonization of our emotions can only, ever, lead to more confusion, denial and emotional turmoil.  The expression of hysteria, panic, depression and disassociation are often symptoms of emotions that have gone unchecked, emotions that need to be understood, acknowledged or felt.


I think it also valuable to note the interconnectedness of our thoughts and our feelings, to recognize the interdependence between our thoughts and beliefs, and the level of emotional wellness that may or may not be occurring within our experience.  To know and understand that what we may be feeling has a lot to do with what we maybe believing, cannot be underestimated, overlooked or undervalued.  When it comes to stretching the capacity and potential we have of maintaining, adapting or enhancing the level of integration within our emotional awareness, there is necessity to examine and question the validity of all thoughts and about the nature of Self and life. 


Suffering comes easily to those who remain unconscious to the subtle realms of thinking and feeling; the freedom of emotional wellness begins and ends with the One who is thinking and, ultimately the One who is feeling…


Which emotions do you sit in judgement of the most, and least?


What emotions do you need to feel?


Can you surrender completly to what your feeling?


Are you demonizing; are you sanctifying?


 “the art of healing is the art of acceptance, total acceptance of what is.  In our total acceptance of what is, in our allowing of what is, what was no longer matters, we are ready to witness what will be, as it it unfolds spontaneously, undisturbed and uninterrupted”


 (c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds.

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2 Responses

  1. I understand that emotional awareness / intelligence is about the authentic use of your emotions as it relates to your present day and in context to your environment, equating to emotional well-being. For example, it’s about being ‘upset’ at the right person, at the right time, in the right manner, and for the right reason.

    I agree that Emotional Intelligence is a balance of negative and positive emotions, but through self awareness, I am not convinced that our emotions are overly complex… In fact, I believe as humans we are rather simple, solely complicating our sense of self when we lack our own understanding.

    Correct me if you feel I am wrong, but basically for me, we cannot entirely know the depth of calm if it weren’t for chaos, happiness if it weren’t for sadness, success if it weren’t for failure, anger if it weren’t for peace, etc. We need these emotional extremes to measure against, and we slide between the negative emotions and positive emotions in varying shades of gray (imagine a gradient from black to white, negative to positive). I agree with you, Michael, we have the power to choose in truth how to achieve each of these ‘shades’ every single time.

    Once this philosophy is broken down in its simplest form, we reach the realization that our emotional system is not nearly as complex as when we first set out on our path of emotional well-being.

    I loved your blog entry, Michael! I look forward to more.

  2. hi, interesting post, and mostly agree with it, exept wtih the idea of taking 100% responsibility for our feelings:
    it is right i think to do that, and surely a good concept to keep in mind because it’s only possible extreem is enlightenment. Nevertheless, the limit of this is that many people might find in such phylosophy a way out: taking responsibility for ones own emotions can be a pathological extremization of an incapacity to express once own needs and right to be loved. An expectationt jhat the worlds, our parents, our partner will not anknowledge our need and so we have to take care of them.
    I think that pointing this process out is fundamental to make sure that the phylosophy of “taking responsibility for our emotions” is actually a drive for enlightenment and not a psychological shortcut that might drive us eventually to either detachement or exhaustion.
    I say this not to lecture, but accepting this has been a major aspect of my own “spiritual” path…
    in the path for enlightenment our past issues play a mojor role: oriental practices and phylosofies give a contribution to enlightenmend but paradoxically are evry week in dealing with psychodinamics ,and often pasychodynamics are spread all around who we are and what we pbing in our path.

    anyway the reason i found your post is that i searched for rebirthing…
    in my blog my photos have a lot to do with spiritual path and rebirthing, you might like to take a look!


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