ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #33



Ask for what you need. 


Too often we expect that life will automatically provide what we need to be happy and fulfilled. Most people cannot read your mind, so learn to be comfortable asking for what you want.



Extended commentary:


A first nation’s friend once told me that in his culture there is a saying:


The mind wants, the body needs, the Spirit desires.


As a strategy, I believe this very powerful statement reflects the levels of complexity the personalities or “I” has in its quest for happiness.  As a strategy and stepping stone on the pathway to greater levels of freedom, I think it’s very healthy to get in touch with, and become aware of our needs; all needs in fact.  I also believe that while it is important to become aware of the diversity of ones needs, it is not necessary for us to fulfill all those needs.


In the journey of finding out Who We Are and the fulfillment of our needs, there comes a time of realization where it is not the need itself that is important, but the realization that at an essential level, our greatest value comes not from supply, but in the relationship we develop to our authentic Self; we shift our attention and enquiry from the perceived person that has a need, to the One who is asking; the One who is needing; the One who is seeking.


We live in a time where the fulfillment of needs in most cases, is relative to some external source or substance i.e. money, someone, some thing; this dependency has a tendency to usurp our inner power and knowing, that it is “we ourselves” who are the source and substance of our most essential needs.  While it is certainly nice to have the bells and whistles; the trinkets to adorn our life with, it is the permanent stabilization and identification to Who We Are that will provide us with the greatest satisfaction and peace in life, regardless of the circumstances or situations that may be occurring in.


The needs of someone who is pursuing the journey of awakening will be very different than those of an individual who has not awakened to the presence of their own inner master.  While neither need is higher or lower, better or worse, virtuous or not so virtuous; the One who understands that their most essential need: knowing Self is already fulfilled, creates the space to be in the world and not of it, and in this detachment; not being dependent on the world; there lies a nectar of true freedom and ultimate happiness.


What do you need most, right now?


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