ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #34



There are no mistakes. 



While it is tempting to evaluate our lives from someone else’s view of how it ‘should’ be, freedom lies in the realization that all your experiences can eventually inform and contribute to your current perspective on reality.  Reality prevails prior to all assessments, judgments and perceptions that you or others may have about life.  With acceptance there is no need to forgive.  While your experience may be filled with many little deaths, all roads lead to the unified whole.



Extended commentary:


One could spend an entire life living in the “what if”.  Frequently the “I” will spend much of its time focusing on an ongoing performance evaluation of self engendered thoughts, feelings and doings.  Within these ever changing, never spoken, parameters of expectation, one can never win; the “I” will only lose.


One can be disappointed with life, one can learn from the experiences had in life; with rare exception, making an assumption that one has made a mistake in ones choices, decisions or actions can only lead to further suffering and limitation, further noise and distraction from an understanding of Self.


Only the “I” consciousness assumes control over the day to day comings and goings of the personality.   To assume one is the “I”, and that the “I” has an ability to change, affect, control, fix, impact, understand, intend, edit, heal or transform conventional reality, is the ultimate expression of denial.


Our identification to the ups and downs and the ins and outs within the circumstance and situations that occur in the life of the “I”, leads us to the false assumption that in every moment there is a right and wrong choice to be made.  In every moment there appears to be infinite choices; when our awareness is focused “out there”, we further complicate our perceived role as an imagined decision maker. 


In the stillness of a quiet mind and body, when we our awakened and anchored to a deeper awareness, there is the realization that “the perfect choice” already exists prior to the arising of the “I” in the circumstance or situation, as it occurs in the world of form and phenomena.  What is to happen happens, before the arising of the self or “I”. 


In the stillness and purity of this awareness, there is realization that a choice is already made, that a choice can and will occur spontaneously within the expression of the moment, that has already occurred.  It is only the “I” that assumes ownership over something it never had dominion over, after the circumstance or situation has arisen. 


Reality happens spontaneously, interdependent of the “I”, and then the “I” shows up, swimming in its illusion of doership and independent self existence.


What mistakes do you assume you have made?






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