Insight #36 ~ ZEN Shredding


Seek inner affirmation of your Being. 


Most of us have been conditioned to seek external approval.  True freedom lies in your ability to acknowledge and realize who you are being over what you are doing.  When you are able to recognize the only affirmation you need is the sanction of your own inner being and existence, you’ll be free to unleash your creative capacities in any direction you choose. 


Extended commentary:


You could unpack a million different reason why the urge to seek approval is so strong within the psychology of mind.  At the deepest level the insecurity within this seduction and addictive cocktail contains the ingredients of an all pervasive feeling of imperfection, the need for love and a nervous system/mind brain that is biologically programmed for survival.


Human beings constantly defer to external sources of power for the affirmation of their Being; to survive in bigger and better ways.  We spend most of our life pampering and placating the foreground of our personalities and lives, sometimes in very sociably acceptable ways, to satisfy a deeper sense of disconnect that is perceived from our authentic Self. 


While the trappings of success may temporarily mute this deeper need and the call to know thy Self; a few adventurous Souls take a road less travelled, as they attempt to crack the cosmic code of creation.  One could spend an entire lifetime crafting the personality, in very creative and subtle ways and never achieve or gain the satisfaction that comes from knowing that part of the  Self that lies beyond the boundaries of thought, deed and action, that needs no change, no fix, no transformation, no purification!


The challenge and only obstacle is to recognize that you cannot get out of a story unless you know that you are in a story; you cannot break free from your story, while you continue to act out your story.  Seeking approval, power and even the love of another, are often the gory details of an unfolding story and seductive trance that often leads to more suffering.


While the personality agonizes over petty details of lack and imperfection that can only come with identification to the body/mind, the source of all suffering; an ever present solution awaits within the innocent background of your very own awareness.  It is your very own awakened Being, that waits the arrival of your own attention; your very own Being waits to be captured by your attention and your attention only. 




Whose approval do you seek and why?


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