You Are…



You are always there.


That which you are is so obvious, it will go unnoticed.


That you are, goes unnoticed because your attention is placed on the foreground of your life and personality; Who You Are becomes overshadowed by what you are not.


Placed on the foreground of your experience, on your thoughts, your emotions, your perceptions, your associations, your desires, your fears, your memories and insecurities, your attention becomes fixated to the story of what you are not. 


You lose yourself in a story of what you have been told; you become a slave to the stories you tell yourself.


As long as you are in your story you can never get out of your story. 


If you don’t know that you are in your story, how can you get out of your story?


Acting out your story you remain oblivious to THAT which you are.


That which you are is so simple, so immediate, so direct and so eternal, it remains unseen ~ waiting.



You are always there.


Wherever you go, you will be there.


Before you were seeking, you were.


While you are seeking, you are.


After you stop seeking, you will be.



You do not have to try to be what you are.


Without effort, without gain, without achievement or struggle, you are.



All is, because you are.


All was, because you are.


You are not what you imagine yourself to be.



Prior to words, you are.


Prior to thoughts, you are.


Prior to understanding, you are.




No crusade, no conviction, no alms are needed for you to be who you are.


You are who you are, in the present moment now.


Restore the memory that you are.


Be THAT which you are.



Inspired by the wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the brilliant work of Stephen Wolinsky PHD.


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