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Give yourself permission. 



You cannot progress if you constantly hold back.  While feedback, guidance and inner reflection are some ways to experience more clarity, sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to do life, to show up and see what unfolds as a result of choices you’re making.


Extended commentary:


The inspiration for this insight came from a personal experience I witnessed many years ago in the “corporate” arena.  The company I worked for had just hired some new senior management personal, a vice president and human resources leader.  Both individuals had very “powerful” personalities and were establishing their “positions” within the company. 


In this overheard conversation the vice president [male] asked who had done something in the office ~ I can’t even remember what it was; the human resource person [a female] said “I did”!  The vice president responded with a “who gave you permission to do that?” the HR person simply said, “I gave myself permission…” 


To this day, this experience has anchored itself in my own mind as an example of what can be said or done when one chooses to defy convention, to choose not to defer to an outside source, simply because of pressure or position.  It’s so easy to give up ones state of Self referral as a result of convention, politics, peer pressure, cultural obligation, moral conditioning, or the judgment that may occur (internal and external) when one considers a decision or choice that could be made.


How often are opportunities in life missed; chances for growth, freedom or joy, because we do not give ourselves permission ~ for whatever reason; because we choose instead to defer to an outside source of power or authority?  I’m not asking you to be an anarchist here, I’m simply drawing your attention to the fact that most people live their own lives in very conventional ways of being as a result of external conditioning and their own self engendered thinking. 


Someone once said “the limits of your belief, define the limits of your reality.”  By learning to give yourself permission, you have an opportunity to bump up against some of your own self imposed limits, while also creating the space for something magical to occur; freedom.  Freedom from your thoughts, freedom from beliefs that no longer support the expression of Who You Are, freedom from your emotions, freedom from your memories, freedom from you perceptions, freedom from your associations, freedom from your mind and freedom from your body. 


Sounds kind of sweet to me…





Do you rely on the opinion of others to govern your own life?


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