Insight #38 ~ ZEN Shredding…



Find your ‘posse’. 



Finding and building relationships with a core group of individuals who are big enough to support you with the dreams and desires you have for your life will elevate and accelerate your life experience to new levels of intimacy, freedom, joy and success.


Extended commentary:


One of the most powerful ways to transform the way in which you live and experience your life is to have an opportunity to meet and build relationships with new and “different” people.  I’m not the only person on the planet who has spent significant amounts of time and money on personal transformation.  Yet, one of the singular most important investments that has influenced and enhanced my own well-being has been the ability to recognize an opportunity and then spend time developing and extending my circle of personal relationships. 


With the advent of a new relationship, we have the potential to introduce new and different information which then has the power to facilitate the seeing, understanding and living of our life experience, in powerful new ways.


When I think back to the milestones and markers of perceived positive change in my own life that I believe have had the most impact, it was not new, entertaining, experiences that provided the greatest fodder for permanent growth and transformation, but people!  It was in those moments where I was exposed to the influence of a new relationship in my life that it began to change in unexpected and more often or not, more purposeful ways; directions that I could never have foreseen or imagined.


I spend a lot of time in contemplation; I value greatly time spent sitting with myself in solace and communion.  While solitude generates significant amounts of restful awareness and rejuvenation on many different levels, it is the balanced interaction of intimate, active personal relationships that allow me to integrate, new ways of thinking and being while in the world.


Through conversation, inquiry and the expression of Self in the moment and those relationships, I have the opportunity to witness or observe new skill sets and perceptions that often push the envelope of my own understanding.  Through the expression of shared experience, understanding and story, my own world view is gently rehabilitated from the chains of conceptual thought and emotions that have bound me.


While there are many different layers of relationship that serve in ones life, the rarest and most important are those relationships that cause us to be inspired, and, as a result of that inspiration, we grow and we thrive.  When it comes down to the most important aspirations, hopes and dreams that we have for life, what more could one need when one has a few special persons in ones life that role model and mentor to us, their own authenticity; that lend a genuine value, respect and support for us in the pursuit of our most important endeavors?


Through the “mirror” of relationship, we can potentially elevate the direction and story of our life to heightened levels of meaning and fulfillment, or indeed, can sink it into the quagmire of despair; a relationship of such dynamics can be likened to a catalyst that awakens dormant DNA, and with that activation, our evolution and understanding of Self, takes a quantum leap into the unknown; an unknown filled with infinite possibilities and unbounded freedom…



Do you surround yourself with people who nurture and support you in reaching your highest potential?


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