ZEN Shredding ~ an excerpt…










Life is a process of change,

discovery, risk and flow



One belief I consistently bump up against is the notion that to experience change, transformation or success, there has to be struggle and effort.  Throughout my life journey and my experience of snowboarding I was challenged to examine some of my deepest held beliefs in who I thought I was.  Who I am is much more than my thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and perceptions, who I am is more than the body/mind I have identified and become all too familiar with.


In hindsight it is easy to recognize that the majority of the barriers I experience are presented by my mind alone and that one key to navigating the terrain of change and transformation is to simply get out of the way and allow it to happen. With practice and some kicking and screaming, I realize the process of discovering who I am is about letting go of my imagined ‘me’.  When I do that, it creates enough space for something new and incredible to surface, the experience psychologists call ‘flow’. 


At the end of a good day on the slopes I can only have two perceptions of reality: I can imagine that it is some sort of me that determines how successful I may or may not be in getting to the bottom of the hill, or I can do my best at getting out of the way of that imagined me and allow the mystery and magic of my existence to express itself uniquely, naturally and spontaneously…

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