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You are much more than you could ever imagine.


No one shortchanges us as much as we shortchange ourselves.  Whether it’s environment or conditioning, as long as you continue to see your life from the level of the mind you will experience limitation.  Wisdom tradition suggests that as you move beyond the mind by identifying with your true nature, you step into a playground of eternity.


Extended commentary:


I think we all have had small experiences in life where we stepped into the moment of what is, touching a deeper part of ourselves and in doing so temporarily lost touch with the psychology of who we imagined ourselves to be. 


The feeling of being present without previously conditioned, self engendered thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, memories and associations can be very liberating if only for one fleeting moment of its grace.  It is a taste of freedom that once had, can never be substituted.  Once known, we are forever seduced by that silent presence of what is unknown.


The true essence of all spiritual paths ~ minus the distractions of entertaining philosophies and the nonsense of dogma, is to provide a more functional experience of what is presently unknown; that unbounded part of ourselves that allows us so to more easily navigate the day to day realities of life; to more easily experience an awareness of our unbounded nature while we participate bound world of form and phenomena.


The greatest challenge is the distraction of the world of form and phenomena itself, which purports to offer itself in endless ways, as pseudo substitution and temporary distraction from the grace and freedom that lies within.  In order to experience greater freedom, functionality and joy within the world of form and phenomena, we need to first appreciate the silent background of our true essence by temporarily taking our attention off the foreground of the noise and nonsense that so easily dominates our life experience.


Successful meditation is a tool that allows us to settle the mind.  Through spontaneous detachment, we temporarily suspend our addiction and seduction to the noise and nonsense that so easily distracts, becoming an obstacle to greater levels of well being.


Regular exposure to inner silence allows us to naturally and more easily detach ourselves so that when we do engage activity, we are less inclined to identify to the concepts, ideas, notions, perceptions, associations, memories and emotions which can derail us from being present to the moment and we create the space for something greater to occur.  We forget our separateness while also reminding ourselves Who We Were all along; something greater than we could ever, possible, imagine…



In what ways do you shortchange yourself?


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