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There are many levels to your existence.


Most human beings imagine they are just their bodies, their past, their successes or their failures. Some have become more accustomed to exploring a redefined self based on emotions, beliefs, desires and ideas, the concepts of who they think they are.  While these layers are ever more refined, they are still only subtle aspects of self that eventually merges into the One, no self.


Extended commentary:


Pursuing a “Spiritual Path” is like walking into a chocolate shop when your starving ~ you have a pass and your allowed to eat anything and everything you want!  Chocolate on an empty stomach is decadent, and like all seductions there is a chance you’ll end up on a binge.  One only has to walk into a new age bookstore to see how many offerings there are; overwhelming is a slight understatement of fact.


There’s also the fact that “it” ~ “knowledge”, can easily become a trap.  One could spend a lifetime pursuing “spiritual knowledge” while never actually becoming aware of whom you are.  You might have ideas about who you are, you might have endless stories of who you are, you might have a lifetime of study, insight, theory and analyses on who you are, and yet, not be “an inch” closer to actually realizing your true potential. 


This has to be one of the greatest obstacles to finding out Who You Are.  One can lose oneself just as easily in the idea of who you are, as they could in the distractions that are an innate part of the world of form and phenomena.  The problem with knowledge is that the real you lies beyond the mind and its infinite ideas or concepts of Who You Are.  You Are, prior to your ideas, feelings, thoughts, notions, perceptions, associations and memories. You are not an idea.  The real you comes before the idea, exists while you are having the idea, and will be their long after the idea has gone.  The real you is beyond all ideas.  Spiritual materialism ~ the collection of knowledge, can be just as addictive as physical materialism; it’s just as seductive, just as distracting and just as destructive as our attachment can be to things.


An extreme, organized and socially acceptable form of spiritual materialism will often become a dogmatic theology or religion that for the most part only serves to indoctrinate, accumulate and condition its participants into a conceptual idea of Who they are.  While there may be many positive benefits to living ones life within a philosophy of ideas that point strategically in a particular direction, it’s important to recognize that ideas or knowledge do not qualify or validate the nature of your existence itself.  The ideas or knowledge, explicit or implicit may not even point in a direction that allows you to realize the being that you have always been.  All of these strategies are of the mind only and your existence is independent of all ideas, knowledge and strategies, however popular they may become.


The wisdom tradition of yoga, suggests that ultimately all knowledge is bondage; bondage because knowledge can only further enmesh you within its specific spectrum of conceptual understanding, and at the end of the day, understanding can only, ever be the boo bee prize.  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj once said “everything you learned about yourself, you learned from outside yourself, therefore discard it”.          





Who is it that desires, who is it that believes, who is it that conceives?


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