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Explore and navigate the terrain of your life. 



The essence of adaptability is your willingness to explore and navigate all layers of your existence.  Skill can be enhanced as you expose, learn and practice new methods of navigation.  If there were such a thing as success it could be defined as your ability to navigate each moment of your existence without the imposition of a specific perception or viewpoint.


Extended commentary:


I always felt to a large degree that for me, most of my conventional schooling was a waste of time.  While society and “the world of business” place a high degree of affirmation on education and knowledge and systems that perpetuate their relevance, they do not provide the necessary life skills to survive, let alone thrive once you leave the dormitories of academia. 


You might have specific knowledge that allows you to get a good paying job and a roof over your head and have financial access to the trappings of a so called “perfect external life”, but what about your internal world; the world of thinking and  feeling and more importantly, Being?


Barring the exception, many of us did not receive the kind of roll modeling from our parents that provided a solid foundation of skills to navigate successfully, the rich potential that lies in cultivating healthy relationships: communication, clarity, purposefulness that allow us to become Self referral, are essential strategies and elements that can elevate ones life experience to new levels of meaning and fulfillment.


I’m not trying to “bash” our educational system or our parents.  Things are the way they are, and in most cases what was experienced was “done” to the best of prevailing possibilities, skills, understanding and conditioning of the time.  I am suggesting that there are clear opportunities to enhance the level of success we desire and experience in life, by learning new ways to navigate functionally the many inherent levels of our life experience.


For some, many of those “life skills” are introduced or learned at a later date in life.  It’s often and unfortunately in a place of crisis that we are forced to learn the value of “feeling”, “understanding” and “expressing” our deepest needs, wants and desires; through our “inner work” we find the necessary ingredients to navigate our external lives and the “work” that we do with those lives.  As a result of a customized, self engendered education and homework, we find the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding that can lead us to live a functional life that is founded on a more wholistic ethic of understanding, experience and expression of Self…



  What can you do to explore all levels of your



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