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When you find out who you are,

everything changes. 


It was never about changing the world.  Nothing ever needed to be healed, fixed or changed.  The Dharma of acceptance is the greatest teacher, a humbling instrument that elevates and ennobles who you are. Your role is to become accustomed to the illusion of an ever-changing world that masks the mystery of your never changing Self.

Extended commentary:

 The author, teacher and “healer” Niro Markoff Assistant once wrote:

 “Healing is accepting who we are and saying yes to it, without trying to change anything…” 

 It’s one of a few quotes that continues to inspire me in life, to examine and question life and the traditional agenda that most human beings operate under: doing, fixing, transforming, healing, clearing, or attempting to integrate the moment of our experience as it arises. 

 There are times in my life where I clearly have and will operate in the neurosis of this self engendered belief that the “I” (or “me”), actually has domain and personal volition over its existence; that it has the power to __________ (fill in the blank).

 At an intuitive level; at a knowing level, there is a recognition that behind the curtain of conventional reality there hides an “intelligence” within our Universe that is unbound by space and time, and the detailed circumstance and experience that occurs in day to day story.  In spite of our attempts to usurp some alternative power within our physical world, or the seduction of spiritual attainment that allows you to somehow “create the life you always imagined”, life will happen, and it will happen outside the preferences of an “I” no matter how noble, enlightened or altruistic those preferences may or may not be.

If the illusion in life is the ever changing experience of the world, then why would we want to place our attention and effort to making it different?  If the “grace”, “freedom” and true “power”, lie in the never changing Self, then why would we imagine that something needs to “be done” in that moment, for that Self to be realized?

 In this present moment now, we can spend our time imagining, wishing, wanting, willing, needing, intending, fearing, desiring and affirming the mask of our ever changing world be somehow different, or we can instead allow that self, to settle down into a quiet tranquility that is the heart of acceptance; and in that moment, glimpse or reveal the mystery of our  never changing Self…


Can you accept who you are in each moment without trying to change anything?



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One Response

  1. a lovely start to this article –

    “When you find out who you are, everything changes.”

    I fully agree. the authentic and true self is one that is self-guided and self-driven. Once we gain this inner autonomy, our lives CANNOT be same as they were before; we are operating under a different instruction manual; with different drives, different ideals, and different motives. The whole being shifts.

    and its such a magic thing when that happens!

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