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Trust and honor your body ~ love your body. 


A biological intelligence exists within your body that is smarter than your cognitive mind.  Let your body ride the terrain of life.  Look after it and it will look after you.  Your individual body is your connection to the larger Universal body.  To deny your body is to deny your connection to the world, to deny your connection to the world is to deny your connection to the Universe and its underlying unity. 


Extended commentary:

It does not surprise me in the least, that the worlds ecosystems are in such degradation, that day by day we destroy another species, pollute another river, cut down yet another acre of old growth forest.  To me, it’s simply a symptom of the degree to which we have disassociated ourselves from our Selves, and from the bodies that those “Selves” exist in. 

The degree to which we have lost touch with our true nature and Self, is the degree to which we treat not only each other, but the Earth that we live on.  The degree to which we disown, judge and abuse our own body is the degree to which we will disown, judge and abuse the relationship we have to not only to each other, but to our Earth.

On the surface it may appear that the world is “out there”; separate, distinct, something to be used, taken advantage of, and then discarded.  The world is seen and experienced as another object, something to be controlled ~ something to be sold. 

Many of us have been conditioned in very subtle ways to see the body as an object; something to be used, taken advantage of, and then discarded.  While this may seem a somewhat extreme statement to make, we can see it clearly in our behaviors and attitudes.  We can see in some of our most influential value systems the blatant disregard and implicit judgment that becomes our explicit conditioning and experience.  The degree to which many struggle around, judge, evaluate and demonize their sexual expression is, a simple example of how something so innocent can become so easily contaminated by cultural, religious and philosophical doctrines based on the fear, judgment and conditioning of others.    

The ancient wisdom traditions teach us, that there is no distinction between “in here” and “out there”.  They inform us to become aware of, embrace, and celebrate “the temple of our body”; to recognize our body as an instrument, a tool, and resource from which we can then explore the greater magnificence of our worldly adventure, and the inherent potential that lies within the gift of our body. 

But do we listen?  Do we engage the learning’s that unfold as we develop an intimate connection and relationship to the bone, tissues and senses that offer us such potential and delight?  Getting in touch with our body; becoming intimate with our body; provides a unique opportunity to become aware of, discover, and respect the boundaries of that body.  As we become more aware of our  body, as we begin to value the physical boundaries and the potentials that exist within our body, I believe we cannot help but become more aware and respectful the boundaries, limitations, and sensitivities of our physical world.

When you spend time with your own body, honoring, owning and celebrating its expression, you cannot help but want to explore not only the expression of your own body, but your also, your extended body which is the world you live in.  As you value the gift of your own body, you cannot help but extend that same value spontaneously to another, and then naturally, to the very world those “others” live in. 

As you cultivate an intimate relationship with your own body, you cannot help but want to create an intimate relationship with the world you live in.  And in the intimacy of that relationship, you will experience the interdependence and impact of your body on another’s, and to a greater extent, the world that you live in.  When you spend time in your body celebrating its existence by immersing that body in the body this Earth, you cannot but help feel and recognize the interconnectedness of it all…   


How can you honor your body with more



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