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You are not your thoughts; you are the one who is having those thoughts.


It is said that we have over fifty thousand thoughts per day, every day.  The frightening part of this idea is that ninety percent of the thoughts you have today will be the ones you also have tomorrow.  As long as you continue to identify solely with your thoughts they will continue to have power and dominion over you.  As you practice identifying with your true nature, your thoughts no longer have the power to disempower you in your life experience.


Extended commentary:

Sit comfortably and let your eyes close, do this for ten minutes or so, if you can.

While your eyes are closed, take the time to simply notice your thoughts.

After around 10 minutes, let your eyes open, slowly, then read/contemplate the following questions…


What 10 assumptions have you, or do you make, about thinking?

Were you able to sit for the full amount of time?

Were you able to notice/hear your thoughts?

Were you able to notice that there was a space between each thought?

Did this space between thoughts increased or decreased at all during your meditation?

Did your thinking speed up or slow down?

Did you judge, evaluate or place any significance on the thoughts you had during the meditation?

How did you feel about the thoughts that occurred during your mediation?

Did you notice any physical or emotional reaction to those thoughts?

Did you find yourself identifying yourself as/to/with those thoughts?


I would like you to sit comfortably once again and let your eyes close, do this for ten minutes or so, if you can.

This time around I want you to again watch your thoughts as they occur, and, as they occur, I  would like you to notice the space or gap that occurs before and after each thought.  Allow your thoughts to occur, and place your attention on the space, however big or small, that occurs before and after each thought.

After 10 minutes or so, open your eyes and think about the following questions:



How would your life be different if you did not identify with or to your thoughts?

What makes you think that “your” thoughts, are “your” thoughts?

How would your life be different if you knew that the thoughts you have, are not yours, that they do not belong to you personally?

Do you place a “higher” level of appreciation on positive thoughts, while also demonizing your “negative” thoughts?

What makes you think that positive thoughts are different than negative thoughts?

How would your life be different if you knew experientially, that thoughts have no inherent power; that, only when we unconsciously or consciously ascribe power to those thoughts do they then appear to have power over our subjective, (internal) experience?

How would your thinking and behavior change if you knew that all thoughts arise and subside into from and too, the same “place”?

If you are not your thoughts and all the concepts that arise out of all thoughts and thinking, then who or what are you?

Now, as you read these words on the screen of your computer; as you read these thoughts that have become words and sentences, I want you to use your attention to notice the one who is reading these thoughts and words. As you read these thoughts and words, notice that there is a presence; a presence that is aware of not only the words, the spaces between the words, but also it self.  Notice that your attention can be on the words and thoughts and also in THAT awareness or presence that exists before, during and after the words or thoughts are perceived.  Notice that the presence that is their now, reading these words, is the same presence that was their yesterday, and will also be their tomorrow.  Notice that all thoughts come and go, arise and subside, in this awareness; in THAT presence.

You are not your thoughts; a symptom of you appears as the one who is observing those thoughts; a symptom of you appears as the witness to those thoughts.  The you that appears to observe those thoughts is the same you that was their, that is here, and that will be their tomorrow.  The presence that appears as you is your touch point, your bridge, and your doorway to your freedom and the bondage of the mind. 

Avoid the story that your mind is spinning, you will only, ever, get caught up in the conspiracy of its conjecture.  Any time you identify to a thought ~ ANY thought, you will limit yourself in some way.  In the silent, still, awareness of your being, things come and go, arise and subside; they will appear to exist and potentially exist in this awareness.  You are not the you that you imagine or think yourself to be.  You are much more than you could ever possibly imagine or think.    


What is the most negative thought you have about yourself and how does it influence your life?


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