Insight #50 ~ ZEN Shredding…

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Pay attention.  


In any given moment your life will be calling you, inviting your attention uniquely.  Embrace, discover and celebrate what has captured your attention in the moment, it may provide you with just what you need.



Extended commentary:

 Where is your attention, now? 

 Is it lost in a memory of the past?

 Is it overwhelmed by the story of who you imagine yourself to be; perhaps it is seduced by the distraction of what might be? 

 Is your attention placed “out there”, into the foreground of your worldly experience, or does it settle into the quiet, still, background of Being?

 There is great freedom and power in the quality of your attention.  When your attention is in the present moment and your mind is not clouded by unimportant things, you are free to navigate the day to day circumstance of your life.  You are free to be.

The quality of your attention is affected by objects of your attention.  When your attention is anchored to the background of Being, it enables you to witness what is; without judgment, without evaluation, without significance.  When your attention is anchored to the background of Being ~ the One who is being attentive; your attention will spontaneously illuminate what is vital, necessary and relevant to the elevation and evolution of your life in the present moment now.

If your attention is scattered, distracted by form and phenomena and the circumstances or experiences that lie in the foreground of your life, your attention will be bound, it will fixate on unimportant details; you will swim in the delusion of your mind and the distracting thoughts that appear as the mind. 

Attention energizes and activates the objects of your attention; it gives life to the objects of your attention. Anything that has a beginning, middle and ending is an object, including something as subtle as your thoughts or feelings.  Your body/mind is an object and everything contained in the world is also an object.  Will you highlight the transient, bound objects with your attention or will you highlight the infinite, eternal, unbound, background of your Being?   

When your attention is focused on the background of Being, you will simultaneously, be fully absorbed, awake and aware, to the present moment now; you will not be distracted by obstacles, which can only exist in the foreground of your life experience.  Quiet attention gathers and informs, organizes and orchestrates what is.  In the stillness of attention; when you’re standing still, in attention, you have access to energy and information which can inform Who You Are, and who you will be.

You can “do” four simple things to elevate the quality of your attention:


1)  Calibrate your body/mind to the rhythm of nature; spend time in nature.

 There is no actual separation between your body and the body of our Earth, as nature.  When you become familiar with nature by spending time in her presence, you immerse yourself in the primordial sounds, sights and experiences that are part of her expression; you remind, restore, and awaken the memory of wholeness and perfection that lies within you, as your rhythm and the rhythm of nature merges to become One.  From this place of balance your attention and awareness is restored, rejuvenated and refined to support you in your day to day experience, where you can not only survive, but thrive.  


2)  Cultivate an attitude of innocence; witness, accept and allow what is there to be there.

 See the moment as it is:

without judgment [this is good, this is bad],

without evaluation [ this means this, that means that]

without significance [ this is important, or holy; this is not so important or unholy]

When you can see the moment as it is, you will be free to be present with the moment as it is.  Your mind will no longer be distracted into the past, or seduced by a future possibility.  You become aware of the bliss of the moment as it is.   


3) Elevate the background of Being; celebrate the One who is attentive:

“You” can always make a decision to place your attention on the foreground of your experience and its petty details or, you can place your attention on the background of Being.  While you might clearly think, AND seriously feel that you are the foreground content of your life experience; as long as you continue to fixate your attention and awareness by indentifying to the foreground of that experience, you will automatically marginalize the background of Being and struggle. 

When you shift your attention to the background of Being; when you become attentive to Being by becoming aware of being; the background of Being will move to the foreground of perception and experience.  Being leads thinking and feeling; thinking and feeling leads doing.  The Being, the thinking, the feeling and the doing are One…


4)  Do nothing:

We’re always doing something; filling our lives with activities and things, ideas and notions.  There is value in the doing of nothing.  In nothing, there is room for everything.  You can’t afford not doing nothing; so every once in a while allow yourself to spend your free time, doing nothing, allow your attention to become unfocused, so that it can drift in the moment to where it needs to go.  In this reverie you may be surprised at where it takes you, at what comes for you; you may be surprised at the insight and inspiration that can percolate into awareness.  When your attention is left to drift in the ocean of consciousness as a result of doing nothing, you might have a moment where you glimpse everything, and in that precious, vital moment, your life might be changed forever… 


What calls to you, what speaks most to your heart in this moment?


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