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 Blacomb spring 2008 057


Enhance your attention: it’s all you’ve got. 



Where your attention goes energy flows.  Temporary withdrawal of your attention from activity into silence elevates your attention to greater levels of being.  Elevated attention leads to elevated awareness from where you can respond to every situation as it occurs.

Extended commentary:

Many would have you think or believe that your salvation lies in the hands of some super Being; that your ultimate surrender to something “out there” will provide you with the peace and sanctification of your “inner” Being.  This is a very old story; this is a very tired, old, story!

While you always have the freedom to place your attention where “you” decide, you might have observed that there is a tendency for you to habitually place it on, or fixate it in very specific ways.  We are conditioned from birth to place our attention on the external world of form and phenomena.  Part of this attraction is hardwired into our body/mind as an inherent need for survival, a mechanism that is innately built into the nervous system and old brain.  The attraction we have in placing our attention to the foreground of our life experience for greater, more sophisticated levels of survival (pleasure) is enough to distract us for a lifetime; it is enough to distract us from our inner world and the discovery of our essence indefinitely.

For most people, perception of there inner world simply means scratching the surface of their own: thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations or memories; nothing particularly very exciting when it comes down to the seductions and attractions that lie in the external world.  Deeper yet, our inner world can provide us with an experience more real than the world we presently perceive or apparently occupy; an infinite, unbounded, ocean of consciousness more profound than we could ever possibly imagine.

If you’re the kind of person who only chooses to focus on the external world, you’ll likely never enjoy the rich potential, value, freedom and strength that comes from a lifetime of inner exploration.  There is no judgment in this; things are as they are, what is is.  If on the other hand, you are interested in risking the exploration of an inner journey, all you truly “need” is the vigilant commitment to consistently apply the value of your attention to what brings the greatest meaning and fulfillment to that journey; what you need is what you got; attention and awareness.

“Salvation”, lies in the inherent awareness you were born with.  As you intentionally shift your attention or awareness from your thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories that bind and limit you, by instead witnessing or watching those very same thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories; you create space that allows you to begin to identify with a different “you”; the “you” that we could call the “big Self”.  The “you” that those thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, association and memories appear on.  Rather than engage what appears to be “you” and the “you”, “you” imagine yourself to be, “you” instead, begin to naturally and spontaneously identify yourself with the “you” that was in fact always there.

The truth is we are already saved; in fact, there is nothing to save, because the real “you”, does not need to be “saved”.  Truth be said, there is nothing to save; the real “you” lies outside the boundaries of linear, rational thought; it is not touched by the concepts or value judgments of  “high” and “low”, “in” and “out”, “up” and “down” or “good” or “bad”.  The real “you” does not recognize the concept of “saved” or “unsaved”.  As your attention is gradually withdrawn from concepts that appeared to “bind”; the “bound” becomes “unbound”, and you are at once “free” to worship the Being that resides “inside” you, rather than some external, substitute of a concept that lives “outside” you…   


What activities can you withdraw yourself from to enhance your attention?


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2 Responses

  1. Good philosophical stuff. I can tell you’re at least familiar with the principles taught in “A Course In Miracles.”

    I agree — it’s time to shift our very idea back to the God Within. For too long, we’ve been conditioned that the last place to look for God is within your own heart.

    Of course, that’s where He always was . . . and always IS.


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