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Everything you need is within you.  


Human beings love to seek outside themselves for adventure, romance, and inspiration.  Wisdom tradition suggests that we must first seek inside our Selves for the clues to lasting fulfillment.  The way of peace, creativity, understanding, power and love are within.  Take the time to look within first, and then let your life unfold.

Extended commentary:

In hindsight and at the very least, it’s funny how quickly we can lose touch with our Selves and “our” inner wisdom.  It’s funny how quickly we can get lost in the drama of the moment and the story of those lives: the pain of our past, the fear of the future and the perceived conflict, confusion and chaos of the present moment.  Its funny how we fixate on what appears to be important, meaningful and significant, while what IS important, meaningful and significant ~ in our Being, goes unnoticed and in most cases unattended…

One way to navigate our process more easily is to identify where the mind as awareness is standing in that process.  If you can identify where “you” as the mind and awareness are standing; the awareness of the “you” you imagine yourself to be will have a greater chance in shifting its attention and awareness when or if needed, from one particular stance or dimension to another.  This may allow “you” to appreciate your process more, to expand your awareness to a place where you navigate its experience more effectively, perhaps even stepping beyond that very process into the art of Being, only. 

To explain; perhaps you are asking yourself important life questions; questions that you want to use to help support the “you” in making “a valuable” decision about the direction you may or may not want to take in life. Identifying where you are standing will be important part of your process, in that where you are standing will have a tendency to impact to some degree, the quality the question itself. 

Identifying where you are standing as a strategy when asking those questions can improve not only the quality of the question, but also, its ability in guiding you to more congruent directions within your process, and/or point you towards Being, where you may not even feel the necessity to ask the question in the first place; but “trust” the process as it unfolds.  

Are you standing in the past, present or future when you are asking those questions, thinking those thoughts, having those feelings? 

Are you immersed in the memory of a particular experience while you are asking those questions, thinking those thoughts, having those feelings, or, are you standing in some imagined, projected future? 

Does asking those questions, thinking those thoughts and having those feelings “from the past” inform you in your choice or does it determine you in choice? 

Are you presently standing in or overwhelmed by the emotional dimension while asking those questions and thinking those thoughts or are you instead coming from the biological, external or essence dimension?

It’s not easy to maintain balance with the kind of lives we live.  The demands of life and our conditioning for many can easily derail our intention for cultivating happiness as we habitually live those lives determined by our identification or fixation to one or more of the dimensions, whether it be the thinking, the emotional, the biological and external world or, the subjective freedom that can lies in the experiential understanding of the “other” dimensions and beyond. 

It is clear that if we are not aware of all the dimensions of our existence, which includes experiential understanding and acceptance of said; or we lack skills to navigate or shift dimensions when needed, we will always be limited subjectively by the influence of those dimensions.

 It’s not that some of these dimensions are inherently “bad” or “wrong” or more significant than others, they can be useful, they are useful, as an essential experience and expression of our humanity.  When we are aware of all those dimensions; when we can navigate those dimensions easily and effortlessly, they can inform us rather than determine us. 

When we identify ourselves only AS a specific expression of certain said dimensions: fixating, obsessing, judging or collapsing those dimensions onto each other, they will inevitably limit Who We Are while contributing to the perceived loss and distraction of an awareness to Who We Are always as essential core.

Embracing all the dimensions may be a process, but Being is Who We Are.  To be aware of our essential core while navigating those dimensions allows us to fulfill the promise of living meaningful life; a life where inner and outer are integrated as one; a life that provides us with the flexibility of resources that take the form of those dimensions, from which to experience and express the inner as the outer.  By recognizing that we can “use” those dimensions, rather than have them “use us”, we can experience greater levels of subjective freedom and happiness. 

Dimensions come and go.  The “you” you imagine yourself to be will also come and go.  Lasting fulfillment will never come from the thinking, feeling, biological or external dimension only.  Fulfillment lies in our ability to engage playfully with awareness, ALL dimensions and beyond.  It is the realization that there is the potential within us to experience and express an awareness of Being more fully while we eloquently navigate those dimensions… 

 What are you seeking?


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