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Follow the trails of your own life. 


However chaotic, frustrating or perfect your life may have been, the present moment is always the turning point in the direction your life is going.  So often we minimize the contribution of past experiences ~ ‘good or bad’ and the effect or link they may have to the present moment or impending decisions.

Extended commentary:

“Life experience informs “you” and life experience can determine the “you”, you imagine yourself to be…”


  In our quest for freedom, we often search for newer more sophisticated ways to navigate the journey of life.  As we attempt to respond to the content of our experience, it can often be valuable as a strategy to examine the outcomes of previous choices made; to see the directions certain decisions have taken us, and observe the results that accumulate from it all.  Ultimately and for most our intention is simple, it is innocent; we want to make “new” choices that generate greater levels of meaning and fulfillment within our life.

It is the nature of our mind to organize, accumulate, edit and even sanitize the experiences we have in order to enhance the possibility of increasing the “good” experiences while also reducing the reoccurrence of what we might consider the “negative” experiences.  The drive for most is always survival, even when it is cocooned within the guise of happiness. 

Survival is the old way of living and being within the world.  It is a modus operandi that promotes the mediocrity of the status quo determined by the conditioning of our past.  If we examine our lives, it often reveals the habitual ways in which we live those lives maintaining and reinforcing the mediocrity AND the conditioning.  There is nothing inherently “wrong” with the status quo.  Mediocrity is not necessarily a dirty little word!  However, if we are interested in engaging and elevating the turning point of opportunity that lies within the present moment, we need to be willing to take a look at the mechanics of influence that our past experience has on the present moment.

Understanding the impact of the mind on the now is pivotal in our ability to fully appreciate the now.  If experiences from our past are filtered into the present moment via the mind as memory, chances are the present moment perception will appear to be determined by the past.  The past is not the present; but our mind as memory, brings past experiences into the present, causing an appearance of a limitation where there is none.  Undigested experiences from our past will have a tendency to determine who we imagine ourselves to be in the present moment, causing us to feel limited or disempowered

When certain memories, conclusions, beliefs, agreements, ideas and notions from the past have been examined, digested and understood with regard to the potential impact they can have on our perception of the present moment, they can be transmuted to a place where they can inform us in the present moment; they can become a valuable resource from which we can draw from while making those decisions, choices and changes. 

As we begin to trust the wisdom of our experience, we begin to navigate experience with more ease and effortlessness; we gradually let go of the constant, cognitive, inner dialogue, moving instead into a primordial, non verbal, dialogue of apperception.  We know what we need to know, we see what we need to see, we hear what we need to hear we do what we need to do…


What contribution have the ‘good and bad’

experiences of your life made to the path of your life?

What are you seeking?


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