Q #1 ~ Ten Questions for a New Humanity…

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In January of this year [2009] I completed a small, self published title: Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life.  Within this book there is a segment called “Ten Questions for a New Humanity”.  I believe this to be a very important piece that has value, meaning, and relevance for those who are interested in creating a life that is congruent with their highest aspirations; for those who are looking to be the change in their own life and the world they live in.

My intent is simple, to stimulate a ripple effect by encouraging others to engage these ten questions consciously, mindfully, and purposefully, whether that be by journaling, meditative contemplation or direct dialogue with another or even within a group format.

 For the next 10 consecutive days I will publish one question a day from Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life and Ten Questions for a New Humanity. It is my hope that these words may inspire you to begin or perhaps even deepen your own journey of enquiry into Who You Are.  It is my hope that by engaging these questions you will begin or extend your present conversation and connection you have with Self, “others” and our Earth, that it will spark greater levels of congruence within that One relationship.

  I encourage you to send a link from this blog to three of your friends or more who you think might be interested in participating within this conversation.  I want to invite you to post your own responses to each question when you feel guided, so that we all can share in the inspiration and words of wisdom that may unfold out of your own inner dialogue and vision.

If you would like to further support this initiative AND my work, you could also visit the online publisher of Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life; and, for a small investment, order the full colored “booklet”…

You can take a sneak peek inside the pages itself by visiting this link:

 Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life


 Changing your world, ONE Question at a time…

 We are all on the path of an evolutionary impulse.  Unity is not a destination it is an experiential reality that we all can touch, taste, hear, see and smell in this present moment now.  However haltingly the plot of our present story may appear to be unfolding, we all have the same opportunity to engage the Spirit of Being that underlies the field of all expression in this now.

 The world does not need changing; it is change!  And by cultivating an awareness of the eternal, permanent field of Being, we can impact the impermance of our daily life in ways that we could never possibly imagine, supporting our intentions for living a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

There is already great change in the world, the kind of change that has the potential to bring more fear, confusion and suffering to the moment or the seeded elements of change that can establish a foundation that cultivates a wholistic transformation on the deepest level.  When we engage the present moment with awareness by calibrating our choices, visions and aspirations to the essence of Who We Are, we allow the effortless expression of Being to guide the impulse of life that throbs in every choice, vision and aspiration.

There will always be “a doing” in life.  No matter the level of awareness that may be expressed as long as you have a body, there will be “a doing”.  The relevant question to ask is whether the “doing” in your life is based on previous conditioning and survival based thinking or instead, expressed in alignment and harmony with the impulse of a progressive, present moment potential that lies within the wisdom of Being.

Most, live lives based on the conditioning of our past, a story that was inherited or engendered as part of our upbringing.  Much of the confusion, struggle and suffering we experience in the present moment, is based on the denial of commitments or agreements we made to ways of being that were not or are not, expressions of our authentic Self. 

Many pursue life based on external principles, agendas, beliefs and paradigms that have no relevance to the present moment expression of inner Being and we suffer; we buy into or agree to live our life as we believed it “had to be lived”, “was lived” or “needs to be lived”; we “do” life according to some external pseudo, way of Being.

As we begin or deepen the inner dialogue and connection we all have to the wisdom of our essential core, the impulse of Being begins to inform and transform the choices, decisions or directions we take in life; the path of our life is influenced directly by the natural impulse and wisdom of the present moment.

When we become familiar with, and cultivate our own inner aspirations, dreams, goals, visions, desires, talents, gifts and passions while also cultivating and harnessing the still value of Being within, we calibrate the Being to thinking, and the thinking spontaneously adjusts to the “doing”.  When our actions are effortlessly directed by the impulse of Being; Being as thinking, aligns, enhances, and elevates the doing that will always occur in life to new levels of expression.  We begin to experience potentiality that could never have been foreseen or experienced within that now…

Here’s the first question:

 1)     What aspirations do I have that, if pursued, could provide the preamble for more peace, passion, inspiration and transformation in my life and the world I live in?



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