Q #9 ~ Ten Questions for a New Humanity…

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In January of this year [2009] I completed a small, self published title: Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life.  Within this book there is a segment called “Ten Questions for a New Humanity”.  I believe this to be a very important piece that has value, meaning, and relevance for those who are interested in creating a life that is congruent with their highest aspirations; for those who are looking to be the change in their own life and the world they live in.

My intent is simple, to stimulate a ripple effect by encouraging others to engage these ten questions consciously, mindfully, and purposefully, whether that be by journaling, meditative contemplation or direct dialogue with another or even within a group format.

For the next 10 consecutive days I will publish one question a day from Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life and Ten Questions for a New Humanity. It is my hope that these words may inspire you to begin or perhaps even deepen your own journey of enquiry into Who You Are.  It is my hope that by engaging these questions you will begin or extend your present conversation and connection you have with Self, “others” and our Earth, that it will spark greater levels of congruence within that One relationship.

 I encourage you to send a link from this blog to three of your friends or more who you think might be interested in participating within this conversation.  I want to invite you to post your own responses to each question when you feel guided, so that we all can share in the inspiration and words of wisdom that may unfold out of your own inner dialogue and vision.

 If you would like to further support this initiative AND my work, you could also visit the online publisher of Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life; and, for a small investment, order the full colored “booklet”…

 You can take a sneak peek inside the pages itself by visiting this link:

Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life




Changing your world, ONE Question at a time…


We are facing a critical moment in the expression of our humanity and the well being of our Earth where radical transformation is needed in the way we think and live our lives.  We are involved in the midst of a cathartic moment as we stand on the precipice of change that will determine the plot of our storyline for the next one thousand years or more. 

Will we continue to live our lives based on ways of being that focus on “the having” and “the doing” in life at the greater expense of Self and the One Earth community or will we confront and surrender our tribal, survival based thinking to the crucible of consciousness itself; to be cradled by its inherent impulse of evolution? 

Are we willing to compromise and even abandon what we were told about how to live our life, in order to elevate the inherent knowingness we have within, to guide us through this inner and outer transformation?

We all have a shared responsibility for the well being of ourselves, others, and the Earth we live on.  As we discover, cultivate and express our own inner resilience, as nature’s intelligence expresses itself from within us, we have the potential to access and express, the necessary ingredients, inspiration and innovation for a new humanity to emerge. 

First, we need to acknowledge the present moment and its contribution; to be informed by the moment as opposed to being determined by the moment.  We need to witness what clearly and unequivocally does not work, by recognizing our co-dependence and interdependence with all creation, in regards to the “good” and the “bad”. 

Now is a time to recognize that there is no “other”; that there is no “their”, “I” or “mine”.  There can only be “ours”.  Now is the time to realize there is no “out there” or “in here”, that universal, collective “responsibility” can only be achieved by first igniting the fire and passion of “individual” awareness and “responsibility”; for in the light of this awareness, all states eventually merge to become One.

Here are some facts you may not be aware of:


On Hunger:

The number of people who are now hungry in the world, has reached an historic high: 1.02billion or a sixth of the 6.7billion people.  June 19th 2009.

UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

On Armed Conflict:

More than 250,000 girls and boys under the age of 18 are fighting in armed conflicts, in over 30 countries around the world. 


On Hiv/Aids:

In 2007 there was an estimated 33 million people living with Hiv/Aids.  30.8 million were adults, 15.5 million, or 50%, were women, and 2 million were children.  In 2007 Africa had an estimated 11.6 million aids orphans.


On Poverty:

Approximately 3 billion people in the world live on less than $2 a day.  Of the 2.2 billion children in the world, 1 billion live in poverty; each day approximately 30,000 children die each day as a result of poverty related issues.


On Deforestation:

Forests cover approximately 30% of the worlds land area.  Between 2000 ~ 2005 global forested areas shrunk by more than 36 million hectares or 1% of the total forested area.  Swaths the size of Panama (78,200 SQ. KM) are lost each and every year.


On Depression:

It has been suggested that at some point in their life everyone will be affected by depression ~ their own or someone else’s.  Depressive disorders affect approximately 18.8 million American adults or 9.5% of the population aged 18 and older.  15% of the population of most developed countries suffers severe depression. 80% of depressed people are not currently having any treatment, 15% will commit suicide…


On Literacy:

According to Unesco, there are about 1 billion non literate adults in the world ~ approximately 26% of the worlds population.  Women make up two thirds of all non literates.  98% of non literates live in developing countries.  There is a direct correlation between income and literacy: per capita income in countries with a literacy rate less than 55% average about $600; per capita income in countries with a literacy rate above 96% is 12600


On Consumption:

 The wealthiest 20% of the world accounted for 76.6% of total private consumption; the poorest fifth just 1.5%.

World Bank development indicators 2005.  


 60,000,000 plastic bottles are thrown into US landfills each day.  It takes 1.5 million barrels of crude oil each to produce these bottles or enough to run 100,000 cars for a year.

2,150,000 barrels of oil would be saved if 100,000 homes installed eco-friendly geo thermal heating systems.

Airzoneblog ~ www.cleanairsys.com

“ The 4.8 pounds of grain fed to cattle to produce one pound of beef for human beings represents a colossal waste of resources in a world still teeming with people who suffer from profound hunger and malnutrition.

According to the British group Vegfam, a 10-acre farm can support 60 people growing soybeans, 24 people growing wheat, 10 people growing corn and only two producing cattle. Britain—with 56 million people—could support a population of 250 million on an all-vegetable diet. Because 90 percent of U.S. and European meat eaters’ grain consumption is indirect (first being fed to animals), westerners each consume 2,000 pounds of grain a year. Most grain in underdeveloped countries is consumed directly.”  

From “The Case Against Meat” by Jim Motavalli


On Pollution:

It’s estimated that this year 222 million tons of waste will be generated by Americans.

Americans’ total yearly waste would fill a convoy of garbage trucks long enough to wrap around the earth six times and reach halfway to the moon.

Since 1950, people in the United States have used more resources than any generation who ever lived before them.

Each American individual uses up 20 tons of basic raw materials annually.

At the consumption level of the average American, at least four additional planets worth of resources would be needed to support the planet’s six billion inhabitants.

By comparison, the average North American consumes ten times as much as the average person living in China and thirty times as much as the average person living in India.

Why they call it junk mail…the U.S. Postal Service delivers more than 87 billion pieces of direct mail (advertising and promotional mail) every year.


On extinction:

“Extinction is forever.  Extinction is the disappearance brought about by natural or unnatural means, of an entire species.  It is estimated that about 125 species of birds and mammals have become extinct since 1600.  Currently there are approximately 1000 ~ 1100 species of birds and mammals facing extinction…”



Is it the destiny of humanity as a species, to be next on this list?


Here’s the ninth question:


What can I do to elevate the shared responsibility I have in the stewardship of this ONE Earth and ONE humanity towards the intention and goal of creating ONE global, just, sustainable and peaceful society?

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