Q #10 ~ Ten Questions for a New Humanity…



In January of this year [2009] I completed a small, self published title: Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life.  Within this book there is a segment called “Ten Questions for a New Humanity”.  I believe this to be a very important piece that has value, meaning, and relevance for those who are interested in creating a life that is congruent with their highest aspirations; for those who are looking to be the change in their own life and the world they live in.

My intent is simple, to stimulate a ripple effect by encouraging others to engage these ten questions consciously, mindfully, and purposefully, whether that be by journaling, meditative contemplation or direct dialogue with another or even within a group format.

For the next 10 consecutive days I will publish one question a day from Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life and Ten Questions for a New Humanity. It is my hope that these words may inspire you to begin or perhaps even deepen your own journey of enquiry into Who You Are.  It is my hope that by engaging these questions you will begin or extend your present conversation and connection you have with Self, “others” and our Earth, that it will spark greater levels of congruence within that One relationship.

 I encourage you to send a link from this blog to three of your friends or more who you think might be interested in participating within this conversation.  I want to invite you to post your own responses to each question when you feel guided, so that we all can share in the inspiration and words of wisdom that may unfold out of your own inner dialogue and vision.

 If you would like to further support this initiative AND my work, you could also visit the online publisher of Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life; and, for a small investment, order the full colored “booklet”…

 You can take a sneak peek inside the pages itself by visiting this link:

 Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life



 Changing your world, ONE Question at a time…

The sum total of your life lived, will not be what you have done nor gained, but in who you have been while journeying on this little blue planet called Earth.  The courage and risk needed for meaningful success on this journey and adventure can only be enhanced once you acknowledge and recognize the only change you ever needed was not outside yourself, but in fact within. 

  In the finding, cultivation and practice of innocence, in the subjective experience of freedom that occurs as a result of finding out Who You Are, you rediscover a divinity and peace that lies within you, and the emergence of a new life and humanity dawns. The unfolding experience of awareness and inner wisdom is the only true doorway to find the freedom and peace you seek in your own life and the world you live in.

The most important relationship you will have in life is in fact, the relationship you have with the Self.   It is through the relationship you have to your Self that will create a relationship with life.  It is the level of intimacy that you achieve with that Self, that will draw you into an intimate relationship with life and through the internal growth and cultivation of that inner relationship you will be inspired and strengthened to cultivate and express within all external relationships.

 The dialogue of this inner conversation and transformation will be less about doing and more about being. The bond of this relationship and the opportunity within the experience called life, is rare, precious and delicate; its consummation, profound.  To know the Self is the greatest gift you could bring to all your relations; your life is the story of this adventure.

[ In the course of my life I will ask myself many questions. ]  To know where I am heading I just need to listen to the questions I ask myself in every moment.  Sometimes when I ask those questions I will receive a response to every situation as it occurs and other times I might need to sit with those questions, to accept those unresolved questions unconditionally, as part of the mystery of my life experience. 

Most will search outside themselves for answers; they will seek a personal happiness and will never really be satisfied.  Many will ask questions that dwell only on the practical necessities of life and as a result, live lives of mediocrity.  As I practice asking myself my most meaningful questions, I will learn to navigate not only the journey of my life but also, the mystery of my Soul. 

I will ask questions only my Soul can answer; questions that bring clarity, purpose and meaning to my life.

I will traverse my life experience with questions based on concern, inquiry, need and affirmation.

I will ask my Self TEN Questions to provide a foundation for the emerging new “me” and life.


while I ask myself these questions, I will also become attentive to the Spirit of the ONE who is asking, the ONE who listens, the ONE who see’s, the ONE who smells, the ONE who feels, the ONE who tastes.

I will be attentive to the ONE source of all humanity…


Here’s the 10th and final question:


Recognizing that my life is both interdependent and interconnected with all people and things, what three principles am I willing to commit to, affirm and cultivate to elevate a sustainable, ethical way of being for my Self and the planet I live on?



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