Ten Questions for a New Humanity ~ Epilogue…


At the level of the mind questions can be very valuable; they direct focus, reveal, add and unlearn what has been learned.  The shift in consciousness is not related to the kind of questions we ask ourselves, although those questions may in themselves serve as a vehicle to point the you you imagine yourself to be in a more valuable direction.

What is critical, what is essential, is that your attention eventually be placed on the One who is asking the questions; the One who is seeking change, the One is concerned, the One who appears to be in fear, and the One who is inspired, passionate and already awake.  We are moving our attention from the part of us that seeks to be in the world, distracted in the “having” and the “doing” and instead reverse it to place it instead on the aspect of us that seeks Being in the world.

A teacher once said to me that “your presence alone is enough to heal the world”.

By itself, this is a profound statement; a hint and pradox of simplicity  What is even more profound is that the world does not “need to be saved”. We ask ourselves, who might be responsible for the necessary changes needed in the world?  At the deepest of levels, nobody is responsible and everybody is responsible. 

Your gift to the world is the annihilation of ignorance, facilitated by the discovery of Who You Are.  Once you know Who You Are; in the knowing of THAT real nature, your very Being becomes the light of the world which directs the call of action or non action. Once you know your real nature, your very existence alone becomes a blessing to all.

By putting an end to the denial of Who You Are, by shifting the focus of your attention from the foreground of conventional reality to the background of Being, a space is created for something greater to happen, or not.  A space is created for action or non action that is based out of peace, stillness and detachment.

The desire to help the world; the desire to save the world, however noble and honorable, will never permanently alleviate the cycle of suffering that exists in our world, that is the experience and expression of a coexistence of all opposites.  There may be moments of peace, affirmation, improvement and prosperity facilitated by one or many that may occur, but in the end, nothing or no one in the world, will save the world.

The One who knows the Self, the One who has seen beyond the world, is the One who will improve the world.  To “save” the world requires that you step out of the world, freeing yourself of the judgment, evaluation and significance that exists only in this world.  Then “your” action or non action will be in complete alignment with the impersonal, rather than the personal. 

The personal will never overcome the seductions of the world, for it is both distracted a deluded by its own narrow, attached sense of want, need and desire.  With the impersonal, comes detachment, and “you” know what needs to be done.  In the action or non action of that knowing, you do what needs to be done, leaving success or failure to the unknown, and in that process, in that growth and expansion of awareness, the change sought, spontaneously arises, or not. 

To see things as they are is of the greatest value is where the bound becomes unbound.  In your redefinition of Self ~ a sense of Self based on the value of Being; the “being”, the “doing” and the “having” take care of themselves…


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One Response

  1. Your comment on the world not needing to be saved was
    interesting. To add my two cents worth, I think if we all just work on ourselves a little bit, our world could be a much kinder, gentler place to live. Taking just a little time to
    be a little insightful with ourselves and our being can go a long way, if we are willing to do the work.

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