Insight #54 ~ Zen Shredding…

 Spring 004


Engage your own Spirituality.  

 All too often many of us adopt external methods of appreciating what we can call the mystery of life.  While it is valuable to observe, honor and expose yourself to the process of others who have journeyed or are journeying into the mystery of their own life and Soul, you should not assume that it is the only method or way of Being.  Realization, peace and purity can be found as easily on the slopes of a mountain, an apartment downtown or a cabin in the woods.


Extended commentary:

Where ever you go, you are…

The time has gone; if it was ever needed, where we need to rely on outside sources for a taste of the divine.  The shift in consciousness is the shift of our attention from “out there” to “in here”.  No longer need we be reliant or dependent upon external sources that take the form of dogmas, priests, prophets, or so called saviors, to provide us with the knowledge, understanding or experience necessary  to travel the path of our inner, “spiritual evolution”. 

Divinity surrounds us, and in our willingness to see with new eyes; as we abandon old ways of thinking and being in the world, we peel the veil of ignorance away one layer at a time.  We begin to realize there is no where we can go that the divine is not immediately available, that it speaks to us, in some way, with everything we see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

In stillness, the background of Being pervades all forms and all phenomena. Emptiness becomes form; form becomes emptiness. Like the sweet fragrance of a flower that fills the air but remains unseen, our essence only temporarily seems to lie beyond the present reach of our perception.  While we may seem to pause in moments of amnesia, we can also trust what the greatest of teachers have implied; that no one and no thing is beyond the reach of its scent and perfection.

The mind is considered to be the greatest of perceived obstacles to the realization of truth that resides within us.  The divinity we so desperately seek and need, hides behind the illusion, delusion and distraction of self engendered thinking.

It is the mind as thought and belief, that filters our direct perception and experience of Being.  It is the mind that entertains the belief in its separation that causes the greatest angst, turmoil and conflict within the hearts of those who seek an intimate awareness of its company. 

The implications in the belief in separation, spawns untold ripple affects in our life including further psycho/emotional influences that contribute to the majority of the suffering we experience in both our “internal” and “external” worlds and the infinite ideas that spin out of misperception and ignorance of Who We Are.

The wandering mind needs to be yoked into stillness once and for all, to settle its self absorbed allegiance to dispute and distinction.  In stillness, conventional reality begins to lose its grip; the mind is freed from its need to perceive reality in fixated, socially accepted, culturally conditioned, ways of being.

As we begin to remove the obstacles of erroneous thinking and conceptual understanding; the very ideas of who we presently imagine ourselves to be, we make way for the unimaginable; in stillness, we create the space for the unity of Being to be realized; to reveal the sacred union that is an inherent part of our expression and birthright!


Delusions of Being:


I am separate from Being.

I have done something that has caused me to be separate from Being ( I used to Be in Being and now I’m not in Being or there is something wrong with me, that prevents me from Being).)

I need to get back to Being.

Only a chosen few can experience or “get” to Being.

 I need to discover Being.

I can get back to Being if I do something, be something, fix something, change something or have something.

I need to go somewhere in order to experience Being.

I need the intercession or intervention of someone or something else, in order for Being to be realized.

I need time to reach Being.

I need technique for Being.

I need knowledge and understanding for Being.

I can think myself back to Being.

I can feel my way back to Being.

By having more and doing more, I will experience Being more.

Your Being more enables my Being more.

Once I reach Being, everything will be perfect: I will find the perfect job, perfect relationship, experience abundance, work miracles and finally be permanently happy in being.

“I” will realize Being.


It’s only at the level of the body/mind/emotions, that these ideas exist. 

Prior to the idea of separation you ARE. 

Prior to any and all ideas you ARE! 

If you do not depend upon, identify, or use your thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations, memories and body/mind…


 How can you deepen your journey into the mystery of your life?

 What are you seeking?


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