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Embrace your process. 



In your search for fresh tracks and greener grass you can get caught up in a pursuit of happiness that disables rather than enables.  It is for you alone to decide what works in your life.  Coming to terms might include your abstention from the habit of romancing the moment with narratives of saintly virtue and Hollywood melodrama.

Extended commentary:

In the pursuit, journey and discovery of Who We Are, it’s often easy to find oneself standing in a place of judgment that our process should somehow be different than it is.  There are times when it looks, feels and seems as though we are in the flow, where our life experience is perceived to be occurring in an effortless way; where the ease of it all suggests a feeling of magic, perfection and wonder is unfolding for us. 

Naturally, within the perceived flow of life, there is also its apparent opposite; ebb, where life that was perceived as once expanding, now appears to be contracting.  Sometimes it feels like it sucks!  The degree to which we can navigate the ebb and flow of our life ~ the expansion and contraction, will always be largely dependent upon our attachment to the content of what may or may not be occurring in that moment and our desire that it be somehow different.

Much of the perceived or real challenge ~ the degree of attachment, is based on the focus of our attention.  If our attention is focused “out there”, fixated and obsessed on the content of what is or is not happening in our life, there is a high degree of probability that we will lose ourselves in that process as we fixate on what we would like to be happening, versus what is happening.

Life is full of curve balls; the skill of navigating the moment is based on our ability to stand in the innocence of Being, that lies in the moment, regardless of the content of what may or may not be happening.  In the stillness of Being, we often find the resilience to navigate what is; we find the ability to simply allow the moment to be as it is, without expectation: it should be this way or that way; without applying any judgment: this is good this is bad; evaluation: this experience means this or that about…, or significance: this is more important, this is not so important; all of which, are expressions of the mind and not the “real” you.

In the so called “Spiritual” world we sometimes go to the extreme with regard to the “significance” aspect and its distortion of what is; we abstract out on the story of what is happening, by adding outrageous layers and dimensions to the already unfolding story the mind is contributing to what is going on, which is NOT what is happening. 

What’s happening is what is happening, adding past lives, karma, planetary influences or apparent” contracts” to explain, understand or describe why something may or may not be happening in our life, wil,l in most every case, only complicate and intensify the degree and level to which we have lost ourselves in the narrative of the story and what appears to be going on.

If we stand in the story, there is a high degree of probability that we will lose ourselves in the story.  If we stand in our Being, by allowing what is, to be; a space is created for the moment to unfold, as it is and our ability to access the wisdom of knowing which can only occur in the moment, will then be able to spontaneously provide a potential response or pause, that may be needed to navigate that which is occurring in the moment.

As we allow the moment to unfold without expectation, judgment, evaluation or significance, we are free to Be.  We are free to realize that we are not the content of what may be occurring in the moment.  In this shift of awareness, we begin to realize that we are not bound by the moment, the content of what may be occurring in the moment, nor the story of understanding that we have spun and use, to describe what was occurring for us in the moment.

Things can get very complicated when we try to understand, explain or come up with justifications and reasons for to what may or may not be occurring in our process; this is a description of what is happening and not the process of what is happening.  Sometimes, the best way to navigate the present moment, as our process is to simply do nothing, simply allow it to unfold as it is and happens; without trying to influence or understand the “why” of it all…   

Can you give yourself permission to just be?

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