In the beginning,

it’s ALL about the mind,

it feels and seems that it’s all-ways about the mind,

and it’s all about “you”.


There is seduction and perceived safety in the mind;

the knowing and the not knowing,

and the you.


In the beginning, it’s all about the mind and its needs, wants and desires. 

It’s all about the gains and loses,

the successes and failures that only a mind or you,

can come up with.


It’s all about its likes and dislikes,

it’s concerns,


and its anxieties.


It’s all about its strengths and weaknesses,

JOY’s and sorrows,

its perceived past,

and its imagined future.


It’s all about its frustrations,

dreams and misunderstandings;

and the pain and pleasure that it creates or does not create,

for now.


For now,

it’s all about the mind,

and it’s all about the “you”;

it’s all about the you,

you imagine yourself to be as a result of identifying with the mind, as you.


There comes a time for some, when all this drama and all this nonsense begins to fade, when the deepest part of Self seems to say enough!  By taking our attention off the mind and its wanderings and instead, placing it on the One who is aware of the mind, its wanderings and its obsessions. 

There comes a time when the mind AS you, can begin to fade, where the “you” you imagine yourself to be, begins to realize that there is more to the “you” than you could ever, possibly have imagined. More than the story of the good and the bad, more than the story of the highs and lows, more than the fantasies and phobia’s, the obsessions, compulsions, fixations and neurosis of a perceived mind that has its impulses and urges.

It is possible for a time to come when it is no longer about the mind only; a shift occurs when what is important, is not what we understand or know, what we have learned or not learned, but instead our ability to discern the difference between the mind, and all activity of the mind: the knower, the known and the knowing, the observer, the observed and the observing, the experiencer, the experience and the experiencing collapse into the One awareness of Being.

 There is a time when a space occurs, when there is a cut between the thought, the thinking and the thinker, the past and the future; where the perceiver, perceived and perceiving can end, where the thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and associations subside. 

This is the space where freedom occurs, where there is no “in” or “out”, “up” or “down”, “here” or “there”, where there is no mind, no knower and no known.

This is the space where freedom occurs, where “pure”, “undivided” awareness arises, where there is no this and that.


(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

3 Responses

  1. Hi! I have a small question, perhaps you could enlighten me. I won’t stand on what you say; most of it sounds nice. I wonder though why you have a copyright claim under your text. Seriously, I can think of no good reason. If – if – what you write is true, then can any one person on this planet claim a copyright on it?

  2. : )

    brilliant question, a very big and important question!

    at the level of my mind I do it as formality or function. I’ve found there is less chance for it to appear “poached” on other automatic feed sites when you include a copyright. i.e. sex blogs etc. You are correct, there is no good reason.

    If I am to take your question “seriously”, and I do, there can be no copyright because ultimately there is no person to claim copyright. “I” have been contemplating this idea for years as an artist, where does the “creative” idea come from and my only response now is that it does not come from somewhere and it does not go anywhere. There can be no true or real honership of the idea.

    This has been brought to the forefront of “my” own process and so called spiritual journey with my exposure to the work of a gifted mentor I honor; Stephen Wollinsky.

    If “i” am to believe what “I” am writing then, the “I” cannot realistically claim ownership, authorship, or as yoga suggests “doership”…

    “I” would be very happy to cash a royalty cheque though!



  3. Yep, exactly what I am thinking as well… Appropriation of ideas leads only to divisions and hierarchies. And that if the motives behind it are even pure, because otherwise it can get much worse..

    Regarding where ideas come from, that’s a very good question. The way I see it, there is only one self on this planet, one human being, of whom we are all parts and the whole simultaneously. So, ideas may come by that whole human being, dispersed into the illusions of individuality we occupy, and being shared constantly then somewhere up high (hence, noone can claim “copyright” of any idea that advances our species). Aiming perhaps to help us break the shackles of division we currently inhabit and realise our unity consciously.

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