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Do your homework.


Having a Diploma, B.A., Ph.D., or Masters, means nothing if you have not applied your gained knowledge into the practicum of integrated, day-to-day living.  All knowledge, talent and learning is useless if it’s not applied to the functional world of form.

Extended commentary:

What is your homework?

We’re so used to being assigned our homework: the spoon-feed curriculum of what we’re told to do in life; the when and the how to do it, the multiple reasons to justify why we should do it, all based on someone else’s perception and understanding of how things are.

We’re told how to live our lives; what to believe, what to think, and even how to feel, and when we don’t fit the box, we struggle, we effort and we force ourselves to comply under the weight of erroneous beliefs; to be something we are not.

From the moment of birth, we are conditioned into ways of being that are suited perfectly to someone else’s idea of how to be.  We’re filled with ideas and notions, beliefs and values, concepts and stories that are amplified and reinforced; incestuously qualified by cultural, societal and circumstantial factors.

It’s no wonder why, if only at a non verbal level, we feel that something does not fit; we know something, somehow, does not rapport with congruence, between our inner and outer worlds.  We see; but don’t relate, we hear; but we don’t understand, we touch; but we don’t align, agree, or trust.  Acceptance is resisted; in the absence of preference, compromise festers in the status quo and mediocrity of circumstance and conditioning. 

Our entire life slips into a process of accumulation: thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and associations.  Notions and ideas are gathered, regardless of the fact they have nothing to do with Who We Are, and everything to do with why the degree of angst in our life increases; creating tension and paralysis.  Stress and suffering will now occur at all levels of the thinking, the being, the having and the doing. 

Our homework is not about accumulation.  Our homework is not about the acquisition or addition of this and that.  Our homework is the discovery of Who We Are; our homework is the revealing of Who We Are!

There will always be a time to gain, to harvest more knowledge about this and that.  There can be sweetness in its consumption, digestion and application, at the level of the mind and the external world.  But the greatest freedom and greatest sweetness, lies in the legacy of a life lived in the revelation of Being; in the finding and recognition of the One who gathers; the knower of the known. 

Our homework is due diligence, that we investigate with awareness, how we have defined and bound this sense of self.  Through investigation and enquiry, through observation and confrontation, through direct experience, we must examine the validity of what we base that sense of self on, and in that revealed freedom, discard it with abandon. 

Our homework is to realize once and for all, that the self we imagine ourselves to be, does not lie in past or future but instead, lies in a heart of innocence that dwells in the expression of Being present to the moment; in Being aware of the moment.  In the noticing of that moment, we recognize the background of stillness that encompasses it all, a vacuous field of no-thing; pregnant with possibility.   

THAT no-thing has the probability of Being something, that something will eventually become everything…


 How can you apply what you know?


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