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Avoid losing yourself in the noise of your life. 


The experience of clarity can be cultivated by the reduction and elimination of drama in your life. Learning to navigate life with effortless ease is a learned skill.  When your story becomes overwhelming, when the noise of your life experience overshadows the connection of clarity to your inner wisdom, you can quickly lose yourself in the detail and noise of life.

Extended commentary:

I don’t think I need to define or explain the infinite ways in which we often lose ourselves in the “noise” of life; the many forms and shapes of its experience.  Simply said, it’s anything that distracts you from Who You Are.  It could take the form of major drama, or be a simple memory that sits in the recesses of the mind obsessively haunting and triggering you into immense suffering.

When I was first exposed to this insight, it radically changed the way I perceived my life.  I’d had had my fill of “noise”, and understood immediately the context of the insight.  I also recognized the perceived challenge of “not losing oneself”; because most of my life had been spent in the yearning and pursuit of THAT seemingly illusive Self whilst in the noise.

Interestingly enough the noise of life does not necessarily have to be a “bad” or so called “negative” experience.  Any experience can potentially become a trap or distraction, even the so-called “good” experiences.  You can’t get out of a trap if you don’t know you’re in a trap.  You can’t get out of a trap if you are acting out or believing the experience IS a trap.  In the absence of judgment however, all experience can serve as a tool to re-align our attention and perception in how we see ourselves, others and the experiences we have and that occur in the world.

While we may be a little clearer about what the “noise” may look and feel like in life; what does it look and feel like to lose your Self?  We must set a president here, by understanding that while it may look and feel like “I” or “you”, or any “other” may have lost myself, your Self or their Self; the Self can never really be lost.  To paraphrase an ancient Vedic expression:


“Water cannot wet it, fire cannot burn it, iron cannot cleave it…

It’s ancient, it’s unborn, it never dies…”


It is only at the level of the body, mind and emotions that we imagine and interpret that we have lost touch with the Self; it is in the thinking, feeling and external dimensions that we imagine we are in separation.  Since EVERYTHING can become, or is a potential “noise”, it is only in our distraction too noise, where our attention gets caught up in “noise”, that we then seemingly “lose touch” with our essential nature. 

Re-stated; when the focus our attention is allowed to get caught up only in the foreground of life amongst the thinking, the having, the being and the doing, there is a good chance that we will eventually become overwhelmed by it.  We lose touch and awareness of the background of our Being and the brilliance of its light.  In favoring the foreground of life only; in the favoring of the thinking, the being, the having and the doing over Being, we appear to temporarily lose touch with our essential core.

To be very clear; we can never truly lose our Self.  Our life can be filled with a myriad of experiences; the greatest suffering and tragedy possible, and the Self will always remain the One eternal Self that most of us spend our lives seeking.  Because our attention is on the noise and foreground of life; in error, we identify with the noise and foreground, as being self, and the background of our true Self, goes unnoticed.

What’s needed and what’s desired by so many is a greater level of appreciation and awareness of that background presence.  What’s needed and what’s desired by so many is that the background of Being shifts to become the foreground if reality; to permanently overshadow the thinking, the being, the having and the doing; where we no longer feel a perceived loss too our essential nature: the peace, the potential, and the stillness from which it all arises and eventually subsides…


In what areas of your life is there too much noise?


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