Insight #62 ~ ZEN Shredding…

LYFE PIC (138)


Be clear about what you need.  


We have been conditioned to believe in the sanctity of taking care of the needs of others first.  Learning to practice Self-care first eliminates becoming ungrounded and scattered.  When you can take care of your own needs, you will be ready to take care of the needs of others at a level of unmatched success and mastery.

 Extended commentary:



A New Way of Being


How delicate the gossamer thread of self love.


love ourselves and others according to the way we were loved.


What did we unconsciously learn in that loving or unloving way of being?

What was said, practiced, done, or experienced in that primordial dance of the past that we presently entertain in all our doings?


Was it kind, unconditional, patient and steady?

Was it spacious, timely, steadfast and warm?


In those moments;

in those pivotal moments,

between the sweet and the salty,

were our minds and hearts nourished and informed by seeded words and actions of tender compassion, patience and Presence?




were we determined in other ways by voices inside and out,

of dissonance, discord and determination?



Now is a new moment in time,

a time for old ways of being to depart.


Now is a time for unlearning.


Now is a time for recognition, reconciliation and realization.



is a time for a new way of Being.



Will it be warm and vulnerable?


Will it be courageous and consistent?


Will it adore, appreciate, comfort and embrace?


Will the thread of its weave value and protect,

cherish and sustain Self and all “others”?


Will it be forgiving?


Will it be the impulse and expression of a new beginning;


a new way of Being?


How can you take care of yourself in better ways?


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