After thought #2

Stillness is the birthplace of all happiness ~ the womb of all creation; but then again, it’s also the same birthplace of all un-happiness.  It’s the same birthplace of “the high” and “the low”, “the good” and “the bad”, “the right” and “the wrong”, “the trust” and “the un-trust”, “the pure” and “the impure”, “the holy” and “the un-holy”. 

The “anger”, the “confusion”, and the “fear” are just as sacred as the “joy”, the “clarity” and the “courage”. 

How do you reconcile these differences?

Do we need to reconcile these differences?

No “You” can ever reconcile these differences; it’s only a “you” that will see these polarities as part of a conventional way of thinking, being, having and doing.

If you’re “standing” in silence, no reconciliation is needed; the reconcilers, reconciling and reconcilable are one. 

In fact, there is no reconciled, there is no un-reconciled.

In fact there is no One…


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