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Improve your ride.

While knowledge can often serve as a pillar of strength to specific areas of your life, the regular, consistent experience of inner silence becomes a foundation to nurture all of your life.

Extended commentary:

In snowboarding as in most sports or learned activities in life, it’s often easy to hit a plateau of learning in that given area.  Usually when we hit a plateau we simply adjust or change how we learn by introducing new knowledge, skills or understanding to what we are learning with the hope that a new level of improvement will be realized. 

Breaking through that ceiling sometimes appears as a result of shifting strategies and we gain, achieve or realize a new level of understanding, experience, or skill. It is also possible that we accept conditionally or unconditionally where we are in that learning and for a “list” of reasons, forego any further pursuit.  We stop our learning and therefore stop our progression. 

In my own life I have become acutely aware of a subtle distinction, a cut that has needed to occur in this approach when it applies to the idea of finding out Who We Are.  When it comes to the body, mind, life, and in the case of something specific like snowboarding, there will always be some sort of potential to “improve your ride” by doing things differently.  When it comes to the Self however, no improvement is needed.

To be clear; if you think of yourself as your body or your mind, (which you are not) and you look at your life through the lens of the body/mind, you will always be able to “improve” most everything by nature of the lens (in this case the body/mind) through which you are looking.  There is always the potential for more knowledge, more understanding and more skill at the level of the body/mind and with regards to matters that relate to the body/mind.  The lens of the body/mind will by its nature always see reality as a duality; it will only be able to see “imperfect” or “perfect”, “I know” or “I don’t know”, “I’m good” or “I’m not good” AND, “I could be better” or “never be better”.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharajah once said:

“give up the tendency to improve yourself…”

The cut in this case, lies in the perceptual and cognitive process of the body/mind. The essence of Nisargadattas statement suggests that if we want to find out Who We Are, it will not necessarily occur or be achieved with any conventional approach that might work when speaking about living and doing life, based on an agenda of changing, fixing, transforming, healing, improving, purifying, gaining or achieving.  While this may work conveniently for the body/mind, it has little to no effect when it comes down to knowing Who You Are.  There can be no gaming when it comes to the “realization” of Self.

There are some amazing skills and technologies “out there” to improve the quality of your life and how you experience subjectively you’re every day life.  In the world of spirituality we mistakenly confuse and complicate things by projecting the misunderstanding of this one small fact: you can presumably improve your body and your mind by what you do and don’t do; you can improve to a certain degree, the quality of your life and the level of so-called “successes” you experience or achieve in that life, but the Self that you are, does not need improvement.  It is  always available in its “perfected” state, now.  Nothing needs to be added or subtracted when it comes to the Self which is your true nature.  It is already “pure”, “undivided”, and “complete”, now. 

You can go to school to learn something new or you can take remedial classes to refine a skill you may presently have, but the Self which you are, lies beyond the boundaries of change and the polarity of improvement or failure.  It is timeless and eternal, it is changeless now, and at the heart of your true Being, beyond the awareness of your body/mind, you are also timeless, eternal and changeless now.

All strategies for successful living, however meaningful, important or effective come from the mind and therefore appear to apply to the dimensions of the body/mind and the world that they exist in only.   Strategies for living a successful life often called personal growth, transformation or even so-called spirituality, have nothing to do with finding out Who You Are; which will happen or won’t happen by any effort or merit on your part.


Can you be still and quiet in your mind and body? 


I’m honored to share with you a short video clip by Stephen Wolinsky; a brilliant teacher, guide and direct student of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, with the hope that it may serve you on the “road” of awareness…



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