After thought #4

Conventional Spirituality would have you believe that the realization of Who You Are is somehow dependent upon what you are thinking, being, having and doing in life.  That somehow through gain, achievement, or merit, you reach a point of knowing Who You Are.  

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Spirituality is not math.  It has nothing to do with addition of “good” things such as philosophy, vegetarianism, practice, or prayer.  Likewise, it has nothing to do with subtraction of  percieved “bad” things, such as your “shadow”, a disease, or you’re so-called negative thoughts.

There comes a time when you realize that Who You Are cannot be gamed; when its time to strip yourself naked of erroneous, conceptual beliefs and understanding; by blatantly examining, questioning and investigating all ideas, judgments and assumptions you ever had about yourself, your life and your so-called spirituality.

With that occurrence, you might be lucky enough to create the space for something even grander to appear; something you could never have imagined or hoped for. 

It’s really only in the light of awareness that “truth” can really be seen, not for the appearance it may or may not take on as form or phenomena, but in the clarifying value of absolute stillness; in the deepest silence where there is no this and that, “you” are the truth…

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