After thought #7


For most of my life I thought and believed that what was important was to think something, be something, do something and have something.  I mean isn’t that what life is about?  We’re born and our reason for being is to think certain things, be a certain way, do certain things and hopefully accumulate certain results that allow us to say we have lived a fulfilled life and we know who we are.

I’m not so sure any more, especially in the context of finding out Who We Are.  I’m not so sure, and I’m not so confident that at the deepest level, from a so-called “spiritual perspective”, that the mechanics of this assumption and process is valid.  If we look at the mechanics innocently, most spiritual philosophies follow a similar “my” theology.  In order to be “spiritual”, we need to think spiritual thoughts, do spiritual things, have spiritual experiences that will hopefully allow us to be who we are spiritually.  

I’m starting to realize inherently there is no difference to the mechanics or approach of this perceived new way of being.  It is not a new way of Being, and it certainly does not necessarily lead us to be any more “closer” to finding out Who We Are.  The same, exact mechanics are in operation here.  It’s the same way of being, with a different content; it just looks more exciting, sometimes feels more exciting, and on one level appears to be a more sociably acceptable form, or new way of living that will reduce or eliminate our suffering.  In the best case scenario, it may provide more happiness and fulfillment, but it still entails thinking, being, doing and having, and if “our” “intention” is to find out Who We Are, if our “intention” is for radical transformation, it is a very seductive distraction and illusion. 

If “our intention” is for “transformation”, to redefine “our sense of self” so that we can move beyond suffering and ways of being that do not serve, one that is not based on thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations or memories, then the inherent mechanics of our approach; changing the content of our thinking, being, having and doing, is flawed. 

It is the mechanics of our thinking, being, doing and having itself, that are flawed.  Changing the content of our thinking, being, having and doing, will not eliminate the suffering and it will not lead to Self, it will only serve to create yet another, potential, obstacle, towards the inherent discovery and allowing of Who We Are.  Prior to thinking something, being something, doing something and having something, you are…

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