After thought #9

We all seek freedom of one kind or another.  Some seek it through experience or things; others, through belief or the dance of relationships.  The seduction of freedom lies in the search for freedom itself; in the fleeting details of circumstance that lead to perceived greater levels of a transient happiness.

The search for freedom is inherently driven by a belief in bondage; by a need to survive, that drives the belief that we are somehow separate from, and needing too reach some imagined place or state. 

What if the urge and the desire, impulse and fixation is itself based on an imagined hunger driven by a false notion and idea?

But what if that assumption is wrong? 

It matters not how the steps of our freedom are defined; for contained within those plans and notions of those stories; within those wants and needs, is the inherent deception of separation itself; that what we  desire the most, can be sought and found; experienced, achieved or had at an external level of thinking, being, doing and having. 

Our freedom does not come with understanding or experience, although that is all that can ever be taught.  Our freedom lies outside the boundaries of this and that.  The door to our freedom lies in the one who is seeking; a seeker that once found and then abandoned…


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