After thought #10


In order to stabilize our awareness allowing our essence [our essential core] to be revealed, we must first destabilize our conceptual understanding of self and the universe.  We must evaluate the validity of how we presently see and understand our life; what we believe to be true about that life and the world we live in.

Until we are willing and able to destabilize erroneous thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories that we have about our life and the world we live in, we will suffer.  We will hold at arms length the birth of our own divinity; we will continue to be distracted by erroneous thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and associations of the body/mind, experiencing limited levels of peace and authenticity within that life.

The slippery slope of conceptual understanding is an obstacle to the experience and expression of “genuine” spirituality.  Enmeshed as we are in self engendered thinking and layers of “nonsense” teachings, the real goes unnoticed; the Self remains aloof.  Until we are stripped naked of psycho/emotional residue that festers on the fodder of belief, we will be distracted from the background of Being, we will lose ourselves in the foreground of thinking, being, doing and having…

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