After thought # 12


Radical transformation has no agenda.  There can be no agenda for destabilization, without destabilization of our conceptual understanding there can be no permanent stabilization of Self.  There can be no goal, no intention, no expectation for a shift in ways of thinking, being, doing or having, even though we crave it so.

We are not talking about conventional spirituality here.  We are not romancing our experience with angel cards and teddy bears; past lives or future lives, visions or missions; entertaining distractions to fluff up and distract the journey of unlearning.  There is no sanitization of negative over positive in this examination; everything simply is what it is. 

When you’ve spent enough time in spirituality 101; if you reach a point in your own journey where you have begun to realize that what has been learned now needs to be unlearned, you’re on the doorstep of infinity.

It’s time to move beyond the shadow of the “I” and the untold stories it has to create. It’s time to move beyond the nonsense teachings of “this” and “that”, that attempt to explain the unexplainable, which have only further bound the unbound.

There can be a cut here.  It lies in the kick and scream. “We” want to cut the ties here; “we” want to destabilize the very conventional thinking, being, doing and having that has trapped us into limited ways of being.  “We” want space.  “We” need the space for the unconventional and undefined to be present.  In the stillness of this space, in the inactivity of awareness, probability reins.

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