After thought #15


Radical transformation is not about engaging, healing or transforming the perceived shadow of the “I”.  It is a process of looking at the totality of who you imagine yourself to be, as the “I”.  It is the vigilant, scrutinization of the “I” as it arises; the “I” that “you” were, the “I” that “you” appear to be, and especially the “I” that “you” appeared to create, as a result of the “I” that you imagined yourself to be. It is the realization that the “I” that arises and the “I” you want to be, is not the Self that you seek.

The “I” you imagine yourself to be, is the greatest obstacle to your perceived freedom; greater even than any event, action, experience or circumstance that may have occurred or is occurring in your life, and to the “I”.  Who you imagine yourself to be as the “I”, presently determines and dominates the totality of your subjective experience and how “you” see “yourself”, life, and how “you” imagine the world see’s “you”.  The “I” and all that it contains; the so called good and the so called bad, is the single most defining, element that appears to be an intrinsic part of your nature, but is not.

Let me be very clear here; radical transformation is not about being more positive, even though the “I” may prefer to be surrounded by more positive people!  We are not talking about an attitudinal or situational lifestyle change of the “I”, although the “I” may feel more confident or enjoy the comfort of that circumstance.  Radical transformation is not the sanitization of thought, emotion or the perceived psychology that arises as the “I”.  Radical transformation is not “I” focused spirituality.

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