Insight #66 ZEN Shredding…


Enjoy the mystery of the unknown. 


While traveling unfamiliar terrain in life can trigger immense confusion and fear, it often provides the space for new ways of Being to be cultivated and eventually enjoyed. 


Extended commentary:

It’s been almost a year and a half since I published my book ZEN Shredding.  If you have been checking into this blog since my first post you will probably have noticed that I “try” to add something a little different once in a while; it’s not always consistent with the theme of the book; somewhat like life?

It’s an Interesting (paradox, challenge, dilemma, irony?) with writing a book and publishing it; once you have said what you have said and then put it in print, the “you” that apparently wrote that book or better said, was the mouthpiece for that book, continues to proceed on a journey that appeared be fixed by those words, paragraphs and pages.

One of the reasons I wanted to write this blog was to see where my ideas, notions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings would go with regard to the insights I wrote for the book and their “evolution” in the now.  It’s been interesting and challenging to watch this process unfold; there have been many moments over the past year where my process has been intense and overwhelming.

I can say that I never would have realized how much things change with regard to many of the ideas that “I” presented in ZEN Shredding, including my own life experience which obviously shapes those words and thoughts.  For instance, on one level I thought of ZEN Shredding as a beginning, while now and for the most part, “I” am realizing that it feels more like an ending in terms of some of the ideas presented especially in regard to my perceived process. 

To be more specific; with many of the ideas I wrote in the book and expand on now, I realize they are more strategies or tactics for living a more successful life, which is fine if that is what you are aiming for (it has served me well in my own journey). If your focus however is to find out Who You Are, your probably going to bump into some provocation at some point with realizing that all strategies are from the mind; finding out who you are is of Self.

More recently “I” have come to understand that while many of those insights may seem to “spiritual” they actually have nothing to do with finding out Who You Are. To be clear; there is nothing wrong with having healthy strategies in life, but at the end of the day they are conceptual understandings of mind and life and can often distract or create erroneous thinking and personal philosophies that we mistakenly believe to be spiritual understanding. 

I’ve come to see in my own life and the work that I feel the greatest “juice” in, is not so much about “personal growth” and improving the quality of life any more, but more so in finding out Who I Am.  One could spend a life pursuing strategies, living life and those strategies with great meaning and purpose and not necessarily “move” any closer to find Self. 

Since writing the book, and over the last year or so, I made a distinction with regard to these very different “paths”.  Strategies (however successful) seem to be more like a process of adding, changing, fixing, getting, achieving and the molding a pseudo self that lives and breathes “out there” in the world; while on the other; finding out who you are, seems more like a process of unlearning, deconstructing and dismantling erroneous ideas, beliefs and seed stories about life and its process and of course about who we really are.  I guess, I’ve really just reconciled a personal understanding; “I’’m not a strategy and while it may seem painfully slow at the level of understanding, “I”’m also, not my mind!

Peace be with you for the new year!  


When was the last time you tried something new?  


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