Insight #67 ZEN Shredding…



…It’s OK to fall ~ again. 


Remind yourself that life is the coexistence of opposites “up, down, good, bad, happy and sad”; this elevates your choice to place attention on what is important while withdrawing your attention from what is old and stale.


Extended commentary:

I was taking the gondola up today; not anything unusual for most on a ski hill, except for the fact that it was my first time this season… I’ve been absorbed, very self absorbed, in the circumstance of my life and the process of regaining a sense of balance that was perceived to be lost over the last year or so.  As in a lot of cases, I have withdrawn myself from a many activities that would normally provide inspiration, comfort and the naked, direct pleasure that can be found in life; so my adventure was a small “breakthrough” in my process.    Accompanying me as passengers, there was a young boy, his father, and one other separate, older gentleman also heading up the slops. 

The boy was noticing many things as most children innocently due.  It appeared as though he was now heading higher up the mountain than previously before.  At one point he exclaimed “I’m scared” as he realized he was breaking new territory in his own snow adventure.  His father mumbled something to reassure him just prior to getting out of the gondola.  Upon exiting, the other male passenger looked at me and exclaimed “I’m scared too” with a smile on his face; I bluntly said: “I too am scared ~ of life…” 

This last year has been a huge reminder to me of how delicate, rare and precious life can be.  How so often in our day to day lives, we can easily take for granted the illusion of security, comfort and safety built by the content that fills those lives.

Sitting in that gondola listening to that young boy, I was reminded how normal and innocent it is to feel scared; to be afraid when we enter the unchartered waters or territories of our own life circumstance that one might have also taken for granted: work, a roof over ones head, a long term friendship cut short by the ravages of cancer; the gain, promise, and devastating demise of a new friendship, when perceived barriers of values, communication and sexuality clash, stalling the expression of intimacy.

Sitting in that gondola, I was reminded how often and necessary it is to develop skills and relationships in life that support, enhance and nurture our well being. In that moment there was a recognition, a smile, an inner sigh of relief, that a few years before, I had “forced” myself to take a few lessons in snowboarding, providing me with a new set of skills that would allow me to forever navigate some of those amazing Whistler/Blackcomb slops I was about to drop into, with a small sense of confidence and ability.

Sitting in that gondola, listening to the innocent expression of a child, I was reminded that it’s ok to feel and express our vulnerability and fear when life presents us with situations and circumstances that appear to pull us out of our centre of gravity.  That no matter how difficult things may seem or get, sometimes a little skill, and the resilience found in silent meditation of Self, and the genuine support of relationships that nurture, can help us navigate the darkest imaginings of the mind, and our day to day experience; even if or when, there appears to be yet again, another perceived fall in the circumstance and story of that life…

What memories from your past are no longer serving you?


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