ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #68



There will be moments when everything comes together.


A time occurs when your dreams, desires and practice will merge providing a sweet, fleeting moment of success ~ you “jib” this moment of success and then you move on…


Extended commentary:

It’s interesting to see how the biology of our thinking contributes to the suffering of our day to day lives.  We have a tendency to think and perceive our life in factors of time and space, where there is none beyond the mind level.  Moments of perceived time are broken up into past, present and future; lives are neatly collated into memories, circumstances and situations, and the plans and goals we have for that life, plans and goals that may be reached or not reached. 

The biology of our nervous system; hardwired to organize the actual chaos of reality, and our mind which is a subtle, but direct physiological extension OF that nervous system, follows suit with thinking that involves infinite strategies, notions, perceptions, associations and ideas; thinking that tries to consolidate that which cannot be consolidated, that tries to plan and goal that life to reach a perceived levels of “success”.

This piecemeal approach, perceiving life through a mechanistic filter allows that life to be diced and sliced, motivated by an agenda of control and survival, to provide a degree of perceived comfort and safety, where there can be none.  Life will happen.  Life does happen.  And no matter how much tactical or strategic planning occurs, no matter how much context is provided for deeper understanding to the improved circumstance of life; life is not something that can be dialed; life cannot be dialed from the level of the “I”.

The Universe is not a machine; life is not a game.  Any order we experience is a projection of the mind, where there is none beyond the illusion of the mind.  You cannot control the uncontrollable.  Prior to the arrival of the mind, chaos is the inherent essence of every moment.

That being said, there will be “ups” and “downs”, there will be moments where “you” feel in the flow, and there will be moments where you perceive and feel that “you” are out of or not in the flow; or, that there is no flow.

Whether you are in the flow, out of the flow, or there appears to be no flow, it will always be happening in the perceived moment of now.  Whether you imagine that you had something to do with that flow is irrelevant; primary, is the bliss and freedom that occurs in our ability to simply be present with or too that now; in complete detachment to the contents of that now. 

Prior to the idea of “flow”, stay there; prior to the idea of “not flow”, stay there; prior to the idea of “no flow”, stay there.  The moment of success is completely arbitrary; the One Self takes delight in it Self at all times, under all circumstances and situations.  Beyond our narrow and prejudice definition of success and failure, happiness and sadness, you are; beyond even the One Self, you are…


Have you ever been happy for no reason at all?


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