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After thought #20
February 26, 2010



Who are you Being?

 Who you are Being has nothing to do with what you are doing.   Being happens long before the doing and the “I” occur.  Doing is the “final” expression of Being; the “I” a sequel.  Most human Beings place all of their attention on the foreground of the doing, and in doing so lose touch with background of Being. 

We have become especially obsessed with the thinking, the being, the having and the doing of life and we wonder why we suffer.  We imagine there is something special, in the process of doing; doing for the most part is placed over the essence of Being. 

Being becomes relegated to the background and doing is emphasized in the foreground where it is idolized and worshiped; placed highly above the value of Being.  The marginalization of Being paves way to the neurosis of doing, and in the neurosis of that thinking, having, being and doing we lose touch with the innocence and value of Being.

You are not the doer, “you” are Being.

The “you” that you imagine yourself to be arrives long after the brush stroke of Being has expressed its nature.  The doer and the doing are an illusion; the thinker and the thinking are irrelevant; erroneous footnotes of an “I” that has sliced and diced the moment with labels and premature cognitive commitments on the now. 

The having or not having just occur; the thinking and the being, the doing or not doing, just occur; just as Being also, always, spontaneously occurs.  Prior to thinking there is Being, prior to the having there is Being, and prior to the doing there is always Being.  The thinking, the being, the having and the doing arise and fall as an impulse of Being and are One.

If we were to focus less on the doing, the thinking, the having and the being we might glimpse the value of Being itself; we might realize it as our essential nature.  With a quiet attention on the background of Being, we might unleash the impulse of life that becomes the thinking, the being, the having and the doing.  We might for once innocently know the impulse of life that knows no bounds; where the knowing of one’s Self is the Being of ones Self.

There will always be doing, the question arises: who is the doer?

If we take care of the Being, the doing, the thinking, the having and the being will take care of itself…

Please watch this short, delicious video on the “The Joy of Being”

Insight # 71 ~ Zen Shredding…
February 26, 2010


Live life with intention and purpose. 


When you live life with intention and purpose, merging your desires with practiced clarity you may find you can navigate your life experience in more detached ways independent of ever changing external conditions.


Extended commentary:

Living life with intention and purpose is one of the most powerful of strategies for successful living.  We cannot however be dependent upon or imagine for even one second that it will provide salvation ~ a finding out Who You Are, although it may become a significant stepping stone in guiding you towards a realization of Who You Are.

More recently or not, western teachers have furthered the notion and importance of finding meaning and purpose in life.  It has been suggested that we all have contained within us some mystical purpose or quest that needs to be realized.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

The spiritualization and sanctification of purpose and its pursuit while innocent, can sometimes lead to innuendo, confusion and potential suffering for those who secretly, unknowingly and clearly are on a journey towards finding out who they are.

What needs to be realized is the Self; all else is illusion; all else is potential distraction.

I was one of those teachers.  For over 20 years I had relentlessly pursued and taught the path and potential trap of this inspiring but distracting illusion.  The path of inspiration can be very seductive, if “you” are not grounded in knowing Who You Are now.  The hypnosis and pull of this journey can lead many “seeker” deeper into the foreground of life, as they desperately seek and never find their so called “mission”, “vision”,  “purpose”, or  Dharma; a reason for being.

There is no reason for Being; Being is. 

Being is enough. 

Permanent fulfillment lies in the realization of Being, independent of all external circumstance.  The expression of thinking, being, having and doing are based on Being; not the other way round.  Clarity and alignment of thinking and doing might lead to the appearance of having and being, but it always directed by the impulse of Being, not a cognition of the mind.   

Only the mind cognizes an idea, belief, reason, or notion for being.  You are not your mind.  The Self has nothing to do with any reason the mind may offer as a justification for existence. 

While those notions may satisfy, while those notions may potentially guide you to a more meaningful and fulfilling life, they are not Who You Are and they are not any more or less sacred or spiritual than being a cashier at a local supermarket, or your favorite server at a local restaurant.

What is the purpose of your life?

What intentions do you have for your life?


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After thought #19
February 21, 2010


Are you ready for stillness?


How could you not be when your essential nature is stillness!

We spend so much of our life in the foreground of reality; we become fixated on its expression, we lose ourselves in its expression.  We imagine that life is all about thinking something, having something, doing something and being something; when in fact all thinking, having, doing and being are organized by the background itself. 

Nothing becomes something, and the something eventually, becomes nothing again. 

When you spend regular, consistent time doing nothing; as might occur in the stillness of successful meditation, you’ll begin to realize the impulse of something always begins as nothing.  We over rate our ability to do something; we become so obsessed in the doing something that all of a sudden we want to do everything.  And all of the time, the value of doing nothing goes unrecognized.

If more people spent more time doing nothing, they might become aware of their true nature.  They might realize how the value of doing nothing can potentially elevate the focus of doing everything.  The still something of meditation becomes the silent nothing that is actually everything.

In the stillness of nothing, everything potentially becomes something.  To find out Who You Are we must temporarily pull our attention away from everything, so that the potential of something can arise from nothing. 

You are not something. 

You are nothing disguised as everything, that thinks you are something.  When you spend time in the stillness of nothing, you’ll begin to realize the illusion of something, everything and nothing.  And in the wisdom of knowing and doing nothing, you’ll realize that you are everything, and the something will take care of itself.


Good; my advice to you is to do nothing…

After thought # 18
February 19, 2010

 Radical Spirituality demands a radical honesty; to have an authentic relationship with Self requires the absence of distraction.  No other “idols” can be worshiped, consciously or unconsciously.  Ideas can be just as dangerous as physical or imaginary idols.  Concepts can more dangerous than idols, when it comes down to knowing Self.

You might consider the worship of physical or imaginary deities to be primitive, but it is no less primitive to lose yourself in the conscious and unconscious worshiping of the ideas, notions and concepts you entertain and engage on a daily basis about who and what you are.  Seduction, temptation and suffering, lie in the plethora of philosophies, offerings and beliefs that innocently and erroneously market themselves as so called spirituality. 

In The Way of The Human Volume 3 ; Stephen Wolinsky writes a profoundly transparent dedication to his teacher Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

 “… To the memory of my teacher, Guru and Guiding Light, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, the grandfather of Quantum Psychology, the ultimate deprogrammer, and the most confrontive teacher I have ever encountered. 

 To the memory of that confrontation which forced me to look at what I had not looked at, confront what I did not know I needed to confront,

question what I did not know I needed to question,

and let go of that which I did not know I was holding on to.

with love and gratitude for facing-off with me, infecting me with the virus of enquiry which destroys everything in its path including the enquirer. 

For showing the ultimate irreverence for identities and concepts which I thought were me and mine, and the ultimate reverence for THAT ONE SUBSTANCE and BEYOND…

The mother of all concepts, the one concept that spawns one hundred thousand and more, is the concept “I”.  With the appearance of the concept “I”, a hundred thousand other concepts arise including the concept of so called spirituality.  Prior to the concept of Spirituality and prior to the “I”, you are.

When successful, meditation can be a radical practice; a prepatory step in becoming aware of the witness or observer within.  As those thoughts arise and subside; as those feelings arise and subside; as those beliefs and philosophies arise and subside, a space can be created. 

If enough space is created, we might glimpse or notice with attention, the one who is there, the one who is witness to those thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and associations as they arise and subside. 

In awareness we might notice that there is always a presence back of those thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and associations.  In awareness we might realize the presence “back there” is the presence that always was, is, and will be. 

In the prepatory experience of meditation, we might become aware of the one who is meditating, and in that awareness, we might ask the mother of all questions:

Who is there? 

Who is meditating? 

Who is feeling? 

Who is thinking? 

Who is vulnerable… hurt… happy or sad?

If we were to anchor awareness to itself, we might glimpse, if only for a moment, the irrelevance of it all; the irrelevance of those thoughts and feelings as they come and go.  The irrelevance of those beliefs and philosophies as they come and go.  The irrelevance of those perceptions, associations and memories as they come and go; but most of all we might realize the irrelevance of Spirituality as related to the finding out of Who You Are; and more importantly, the irrelevance of “I”and all that you imagine it to be …

For more information of the work of Stephen Wolinsky please visit: 

ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #70
February 12, 2010


Try shredding new trails in life.


External change is instigated by first experiencing internal change.  Silence cultivates the space for not only new, inspired ways of thinking and being, but also provides the necessary ingredients to trigger transformation at its most primordial level ~ where all creation arises from and subsides to.  Every dream begins with stillness, every desire ~ quietude. 

Extended commentary:

All “personal change” has the potential to be facilitated by the focus of your attention; as a shift in your attention.  To create the space for a shift in awareness, you need to shift the focus of your attention from the foreground of your life experience to the background of your Being.

Awareness will shift naturally and spontaneously, irrespective of the “I” mind and its agendas; however, a little focus of attention; a shift in “your” attention, can prepatorily provide the environment or ingredients necessary for a needed change to occur.  The end result might look like a new or different choice; an actual change, but it’s always preceded by a shift of attention, anchored and nurtured by a deep appreciation and reverence towards stillness. 

You don’t really need to focus on the choices you have to make in life; they are irrelevant.  You don’t need to worry about what decisions that need to be made, or not.  Be still with your attention.  Find the silence.  And in the silence you’ll find a knowing. 

 What more do you really need? 

What more can you ask for than the ability to know the right response to every situation, as it occurs?   

 Prior to a shift of attention there is a silent space or gap.  Spend time in that gap.  Notice that gap with your attention, become familiar with that gap through your attention.  The gap is your connection to eternity, a portal of possibility. It is the doorway to the infinite; a doorway to freedom from the mind and all its delusions.  Don’t waste your attention on this and that; be mindful of where you place your attention.  Notice where you fixate your attention; notice where you seem to lose yourself in that attention.

Most people waste their attention on this and that.  We become addicted to this and that and we lose awareness of the Gap and the ever present connection we always have to the Gap.  To harness your attention is to unleash your freedom; the freedom to place your attention where it calls you, where it whispers or speaks to you.  It is the freedom to focus on something or everything.  It is the freedom to focus on nothing.

When you stabilize your attention to stillness, you’ll realize the paradox of change; you’ll realize that no change was necessary.  You’ll realize that it was only your attention that needed shifting; to become more aware of the ever present stillness; to become aware of the ever present background of Being that is the foundation of your Being. 

 And most of all; most importantly; you’ll become aware of the One who is attentive to all of it and none of it.  You’ll become aware of the nothingness of it all, including the you, you imagined yourself to be; including the you that so desperately wanted and needed the choice, the change and the transformation…  

What choices can you make that will lead to new directions of growth and transformation?


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ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #69
February 6, 2010

Acknowledge the significance of your smallest achievements.


They become the stepping stones of your fondest memories and your greatest legacies.


Extended commentary:

It’s very easy to get caught up in the seduction of life achievement.  Most human beings are obsessively focused on the “doing” of life and have little awareness or need of Being.  Our attention is caught up in the foreground of our life experience and the obsession of manipulating, controlling and the gameing of life and the lives of others towards some perceived goal or success that will provide a deeper level of happiness.

The external world, where all the “doing” appears to take place, is an important aspect of our humanity.  We have a body and that is designed to interface in the most beautiful ways with an infinite number of experiences; our senses are perfectly designed to provide a delicious, intimate perception of reality surpassed by none.

It’s very easy to overlook the simplest acts of every day living; the gift that lies in our senses that allows us to navigate and function in multi dimensional living.  Sometimes it is only in the loss of a sense or an activity that allowed us an accentuated appreciation of those senses, that we realize the value and magnificence of its experience and expression.  Sometimes, as the body ages and our mind wanders, we are confronted by the rude awakening of what was once and for so long, taken for granted.

It is only in this moment of now that we can truly value and appreciate the gift we have been given in this experience called life and however painful or joyful that moment may appear to be, there is always the room to notice or develop an alert appreciation of that moment, irrespective of the content that may or may not be occurring.  A moment that is lost is a moment that can never be re-gained; but it is in this now that the expression of eternity can be experienced… 


 When you succeed in something do you take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your moment of success?


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Check out “Living The Dream”, the gift book version of the slideshow/movie that is available to view free on You tube or the ZEN Shredding website; an inspiring read with full color photo’s of Whistler/Blackcomb Alpine…


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