ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #69

Acknowledge the significance of your smallest achievements.


They become the stepping stones of your fondest memories and your greatest legacies.


Extended commentary:

It’s very easy to get caught up in the seduction of life achievement.  Most human beings are obsessively focused on the “doing” of life and have little awareness or need of Being.  Our attention is caught up in the foreground of our life experience and the obsession of manipulating, controlling and the gameing of life and the lives of others towards some perceived goal or success that will provide a deeper level of happiness.

The external world, where all the “doing” appears to take place, is an important aspect of our humanity.  We have a body and that is designed to interface in the most beautiful ways with an infinite number of experiences; our senses are perfectly designed to provide a delicious, intimate perception of reality surpassed by none.

It’s very easy to overlook the simplest acts of every day living; the gift that lies in our senses that allows us to navigate and function in multi dimensional living.  Sometimes it is only in the loss of a sense or an activity that allowed us an accentuated appreciation of those senses, that we realize the value and magnificence of its experience and expression.  Sometimes, as the body ages and our mind wanders, we are confronted by the rude awakening of what was once and for so long, taken for granted.

It is only in this moment of now that we can truly value and appreciate the gift we have been given in this experience called life and however painful or joyful that moment may appear to be, there is always the room to notice or develop an alert appreciation of that moment, irrespective of the content that may or may not be occurring.  A moment that is lost is a moment that can never be re-gained; but it is in this now that the expression of eternity can be experienced… 


 When you succeed in something do you take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your moment of success?


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