After thought #19


Are you ready for stillness?


How could you not be when your essential nature is stillness!

We spend so much of our life in the foreground of reality; we become fixated on its expression, we lose ourselves in its expression.  We imagine that life is all about thinking something, having something, doing something and being something; when in fact all thinking, having, doing and being are organized by the background itself. 

Nothing becomes something, and the something eventually, becomes nothing again. 

When you spend regular, consistent time doing nothing; as might occur in the stillness of successful meditation, you’ll begin to realize the impulse of something always begins as nothing.  We over rate our ability to do something; we become so obsessed in the doing something that all of a sudden we want to do everything.  And all of the time, the value of doing nothing goes unrecognized.

If more people spent more time doing nothing, they might become aware of their true nature.  They might realize how the value of doing nothing can potentially elevate the focus of doing everything.  The still something of meditation becomes the silent nothing that is actually everything.

In the stillness of nothing, everything potentially becomes something.  To find out Who You Are we must temporarily pull our attention away from everything, so that the potential of something can arise from nothing. 

You are not something. 

You are nothing disguised as everything, that thinks you are something.  When you spend time in the stillness of nothing, you’ll begin to realize the illusion of something, everything and nothing.  And in the wisdom of knowing and doing nothing, you’ll realize that you are everything, and the something will take care of itself.


Good; my advice to you is to do nothing…

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