Insight # 71 ~ Zen Shredding…


Live life with intention and purpose. 


When you live life with intention and purpose, merging your desires with practiced clarity you may find you can navigate your life experience in more detached ways independent of ever changing external conditions.


Extended commentary:

Living life with intention and purpose is one of the most powerful of strategies for successful living.  We cannot however be dependent upon or imagine for even one second that it will provide salvation ~ a finding out Who You Are, although it may become a significant stepping stone in guiding you towards a realization of Who You Are.

More recently or not, western teachers have furthered the notion and importance of finding meaning and purpose in life.  It has been suggested that we all have contained within us some mystical purpose or quest that needs to be realized.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

The spiritualization and sanctification of purpose and its pursuit while innocent, can sometimes lead to innuendo, confusion and potential suffering for those who secretly, unknowingly and clearly are on a journey towards finding out who they are.

What needs to be realized is the Self; all else is illusion; all else is potential distraction.

I was one of those teachers.  For over 20 years I had relentlessly pursued and taught the path and potential trap of this inspiring but distracting illusion.  The path of inspiration can be very seductive, if “you” are not grounded in knowing Who You Are now.  The hypnosis and pull of this journey can lead many “seeker” deeper into the foreground of life, as they desperately seek and never find their so called “mission”, “vision”,  “purpose”, or  Dharma; a reason for being.

There is no reason for Being; Being is. 

Being is enough. 

Permanent fulfillment lies in the realization of Being, independent of all external circumstance.  The expression of thinking, being, having and doing are based on Being; not the other way round.  Clarity and alignment of thinking and doing might lead to the appearance of having and being, but it always directed by the impulse of Being, not a cognition of the mind.   

Only the mind cognizes an idea, belief, reason, or notion for being.  You are not your mind.  The Self has nothing to do with any reason the mind may offer as a justification for existence. 

While those notions may satisfy, while those notions may potentially guide you to a more meaningful and fulfilling life, they are not Who You Are and they are not any more or less sacred or spiritual than being a cashier at a local supermarket, or your favorite server at a local restaurant.

What is the purpose of your life?

What intentions do you have for your life?


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