After Thought #25



We deceive ourselves by imagining and then projecting that the self we were and will be, is the Self that we are.  Our authentic Self cannot be understood or unmasked by any psychological model or conceptual understanding. 

If you think you are; your not!

Finding out Who You Are is not the study or expression of personality, past or preference; it’s also not the healing of wounds or the finding of joy, although those ideas may serve as progressive, stepping stones to realization.  You are not your psychology; nor are you any thought, idea, label or understanding, that arises or does not arise out that perceived psychology. 

You are also not your body; nor are you any action that arises or subsides out of that body.  Although that body may do great or terrible things, you are not contained within the limits of its flesh or bones.

Our true Self is not the self or body/mind we imagine our self to be.  Our true Self is not the self we take out daily into the world of form and phenomena; good or bad.  Our true Being is not the self of ideas and notions, memories and experiences and it’s not our feelings although those occurrences may presently and temporarily, taint and colour the vision of who you imagine yourself to be. 

We appear to be shackled in ghetto consciousness.  We appear to be trapped by erroneous, self engendered ideas of this and that; ideas that we have gathered and blended neatly, indiscriminately, with a host of many other ideas that we were given; that we chose to give.  Caught in the web of misunderstanding we suffer; we suffer beyond measure.  In a web of ideas woven of distinction; the mind swims and the mind suffers in its own delusion.

Radical spirituality is based on the wisdom of awareness; awareness that who we are lies beyond what we say, think, have or do.  Radical Spirituality is breaking down the shackles of our own understanding; knowledge that at once, appears to bound the unbound.  In that pure state of awareness between the rise and fall of this and that, the ever present, still, silent, field of awareness beckons: come play in me, come rest as me.

In the alert, complete, calm and caring field of awareness, the timeless wisdom of eternity is awakened; where nothing is gained and nothing is lost.  In this no state, state, the “I” that we imagine ourselves to be, places its attention both inward and outward, equally and in balance.  Equally and in balance, the background of Being and the foreground of awareness, merge to become One. 

In this no state, state, the “I” that we imagine ourselves to be fades, unmasked, stripped of its cognitive encumbrances; it becomes a shadow of its former self.  It is finally seen for what it is; it is exposed for what it is.  In its unreality, there is a revelation of perfection; in that perceived now, an alert appreciation of what was, is, and what will be, is revealed…

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