After Thought #26



 In the awakened wisdom of my own heart, I’ve always known that we were born with innate gifts and talents; the understanding and knowingness; the awareness needed to navigate the ebb and flow of life’s currants.

The priests and the profits would have you think that the gifts of spirit need to be earned, gained and achieved.  Through work and merit, sacrifice and renouncement, they would have you believe that your salvation lies in the ideas of another: a book or law; a teaching or savior, versus the awakened wisdom of the heart. 

Some would have you believe that the “you”, you imagine yourself to be, needs to be healed, fixed or transformed.  In awareness the “you” you imagine yourself to be, dissolves, revealing what was always true and always there.

You are.

We are seduced by offerings of understanding and knowledge from the priests and the profits.  We are lost in the map of their confusion that has at once become our own, and we struggle; we suffer.  Lost in ideas of up and down, good and bad, right and wrong, we strangle the life force of our own essential nature.  Lost in a mind full of ideas, our vision becomes obstructed; we lose sight of our essential core.  Words beget words; ideas beget more ideas, as we entangle ourselves in the net of our own and another’s, misunderstanding.

You were born with awareness; you are. 

Inherent within that awareness is an essential core of love and compassion, peace and joy, harmony and forgiveness.  Within the space of that awareness there lies an emptiness that surrounds it all; an emptiness that’s full, not empty.

Essence has always been there; even though you may no longer be aware of it.  One gaze into the eyes of a newborn child can trigger a reminder of truth that appears to be lost.  Through conditioning and strife, through memory and experience, we become forgetful.  We become complacent in ideas of self that are infinitely more dangerous, binding and distracting, from the Self that we already are, were, and will be.  In the fragility of those thoughts, we slip into the foreground of thinking, being, having and doing.

Essence can never be lost.  It can only, ever, be shrouded in fear and distraction, confusion and doubt.  Moment by moment, through lapse of attention, we sacrifice what is real, for the unreal; what is imagined and feared, replaces what is true.  Words can only direct; ideas can only imply.  What’s real is always real and true.  What’s real is the silence from which it all arises; the silence that you are.

Awareness is. 

In the awakened wisdom of your own heart, awareness is still and complete, silent and present. 

Awareness is, and you are.

Radical Spirituality has nothing to do with practice, dogma or prayer.  Prior to the practice, You Are; prior to the dogma, You Are; prior to the prayer, You Are.  Prior to the belief, thought or notion, You Are.

The essence of Who You Are cannot be found in practice, dogma or prayer.  Radical Spirituality is not something you can learn or achieve, these are ideas of spirituality; not spirituality.  These are speculations; projections of a mind that has lost itself in its own thinking. 

Let us celebrate the gifts of Spirit; in the still, quiet place of the heart, let us ignite the wisdom of our own awareness…

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