Earth Day; 10 Questions for a New Humanity


Today is a day of celebration and reflection.  Today marks the anniversary of the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970.  Forty years ago, there was a collective breakthrough; the baby steps that began the start of a progressive movement for environmental awareness, which elevated itself to an international level.

In our celebration, we should acknowledge the proliferation to which our individual and collective, day to day habits and attitudes, have changed our world forever.  In our reflection we should recognize the degree of challenge and danger we face as a planet.  We should recognize that our success or failure, individually and collectively, is inherently linked to the level and degree to which we can clean up our own consciousness.  How far we have come on this journey is irrelevant.  The question at hand is how far can we go? 

I’m amazed and often dismayed at how the sustainability conversation dilutes and distracts us from the very perpetrators of the crime; it is our own individual ideas and notions, attitudes and beliefs that strangles our life force, another’s, and the potential demise of the Earth as we know it.

How often and how many of us look to the sustainability of our individual wellbeing and the interconnectedness it has to the wellbeing of the natural world?

How often do we examine the health of our own attitudes and beliefs and the impact it has on our day to day thinking, being, having and doing, that lead to many of our present day challenges?

The concept of sustainability is a valuable idea.  First and foremost we must look with vigilant eyes, to the sustainability of our own life and the way we live those lives at a thinking, being, having and doing level; to recognize and know experientially the interdependence of it all. 

TEN Questions For a New Humanity

1)     What aspirations do “I” have in life that if pursued, could provide the preamble for more peace, passion, inspiration and transformation in “my” life and the world “I” live in?


 2)     Do the dreams, desires, gifts and talents “I” pursue in life, enhance, refine and elevate the resilience “I” have to “my” life experience, “my” inner wisdom and the service “I” could provide to the ONE greater Earth community?


3)     How can “I” refine, enhance and elevate the visions and aspirations “I” have for “my” life so they are synchronized in solidarity and kinship with all “others” and the extended living world?


4)     What changes do “I” need to make in the way “I” live “my” life that if made, could enhance and improve the quality of “my” own well being and the well being of the ONE greater Earth community?


5)     How can “I” live “my” life with greater congruence, admiration and reverence towards “my” Self, “others”, and the larger living world?


6)     What unspoken questions, words and conversations do “I” need to have, hear, pursue or let go of, in order to foster a culture of peace and affirmation in “my” experience, the surroundings, and with all “others”?


7)     What values do “I” need to enhance, adopt, or abandon, to form a solid foundation for a personal, sacred trust, towards sustaining a new life, world and humanity?


8)     How can “I” live “my” life with a greater reverence, admiration and humility for the mystery of Being; with enhanced gratitude for the gift of life, and with greater humility regarding “my” place in nature?


9)     What can “I” do to elevate the shared responsibility “I” have in the stewardship of this ONE great Earth and humanity; clarifying, enhancing and elevating the intention to realize ONE global, just, sustainable and peaceful society?


10)     Recognizing “my” life is both interdependent and interconnected with all people and things, what three principles am “I” willing to commit too, affirm and cultivate in “my” life that will elevate a sustainable and ethical way of being for “my” self and the planet “I” live on?



 OM bhūr bhuvah svah tát savitúr váreṇyam bhárgo devásya dhīmahi dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt…

“Earth Atmospher Heavens.  We meditate on the sacred light of the effulgent source.  Let that inspire our thoughts…”





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