eEarth Week Challenge Day 4


Is the theory of man made global warming a convenient lie?

Are we deceived and seduced, numbed and dumbed by the delusion of our own self engendered projections and a $4 billion carrot?

Should we do nothing, or are we already doing to much?

It’s very clear, even to the untrained, unscientific mind, that Carbon dioxide is not the cause of global warming.  What then, of those foreign policies, those mandates and those protocols; what then of those carbon credits and sustainability platforms?



“The theory of man made global warming is now so firmly entrenched, the voices of opposition so effectively silenced; it seems invincible; untroubled by any contrary evidence no matter how strong.  The global warming alarm is now beyond reason…”

From the Documentary: “The Great Global Warming Swindle”



 I’ve forwarded this post and invitation to a few of my blog buddies, “I” invite you to do the same.  For the next seven days, in your own unique, creative ways; whether that be images, words or ideas of your own or another’s; use your venue of choice [it could be your own home and the simplicity of your own awareness] to bring attention to this moment, our Earth, and the awareness that is needed for meaningful, lasting, significant change.

How can you play?

[Facebook, Twitter, Blog or email] Inspire change: Provide a commentary or link; create a question, image or article that stimulates awareness, conversation or understanding of “Earth Week”; and its intention to continue to promote and bring awareness towards creating a just, sustainable and peaceful planet.

Forward this challenge to your own friends or readers.




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