After Thought #28





At the end of the day, I’m just someone who wants to love and be loved; nothing more, nothing less. 

It’s really that simple.

Deep down all human beings want to give love and receive love.

In the giving and receiving of love, we our reminded of our innate wholeness; we are reminded of our interdependence and interconnectedness with all humanity and the underlying unity of all humanity.

Things get complicated when we substitute the giving and receiving of love, for the object of love.  When the objects of love become more important than the giving and receiving that is found in love, our attention becomes distracted and scattered, it becomes fixated on things and we lose touch with our essence, love. 

It was never about the objects.  It was never about “what could be got, achieved, or experienced”.  It was always, only, about the giving and receiving.  It was never about the goal, but a process of sharing, that appears to occur, that ends up as a goal.

When we focus on the object of our love versus the giving and the receiving of love, we lose touch with the inherent love that exists in us all.  We temporarily lose touch with the experience of wholeness as we become more and more fixated on the object of love that appears to be out there, versus the love that resides within here, as the giving and receiving.

No matter whom we are or what we do or do not do, it’s always about giving and receiving.  Once in while, when we can truly come to terms with the giving and receiving of love; in that recognition and appreciation, we realize that there is actually no giving and there is no receiving; there is just a movement, a flow, an exchange of love, as Being.  Love Being expressed and love Being experienced; a love that comes from a place of no want or need.

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