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[… An excerpt from ZEN Shredding]


It’s about clarity, courage and letting go



For many years I had been developing a negative view towards my body.  The combination of moving further away from the biology of my youth, and the cumulative diet of morning muffins with lattes and pasta dinners was having its effect.  My first few lessons on the hill were reality checks of just how bad things had become ~ I could barely reach over to strap into my bindings.

There is something vulnerable and paradoxical about some learning experiences.  You show up to learn something new and all of a sudden, the moment is hijacked by memories of your past failures or fears of future catastrophes.  There was a moment during my first lesson of snowboarding where my coach had us practice a side slipping technique, where your board is horizontal to the incline of the mountain with both feet strapped in.  The skill was practiced first, facing up the hill and then looking down the hill.  In both variations we were to hold the hands of the instructor for stability, without looking at the ground or our feet.  This skill practice in particular required complete trust, a letting go and relying on another human being ~ not something I’m so practiced at. 

I will never forget the intense intimacy and security I felt as I held onto my instructor’s hands while gazing directly into his eyes.  For a brief moment it felt like there was no past or future, for a moment it felt like I was completely present and completely vulnerable to another human being. In that moment I did not fall, in that moment I bridged the fears of my mind to be present in the possibilities of the moment.  My choice to surrender to the moment by relying on someone else’s support allowed me to digest the skill at hand and a much deeper learning. It was a reminder of the importance to surround yourself with people who are big enough or skilled enough to support you with the dreams you have for your life.

Mentors are essentially people you can trust, people that can provide you with alternative information and new perspectives or skills. Having another point of view helps to prevent you from falling into the traps of self engendered thinking and conditioning, behavior or action…

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